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Open Flavor Fridays - Hot beverages and maps

It's the holidays, still. But it's also cold, so how do you stay warm?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Sitting here as the temperature drops back down to under 40 there is a desire to find warmth. Coffee, and it's nearly infinite varieties of flavors and flavorings are of course easily found, particularly in Seattle. There is also tea, tisanes and other infusions.

During the holidays are desire for sweet is generally highers as well. Hot chocolates and drinking chocolates become regular beverages, even when you live in Arizona or Kuwait during the Christmas season. One could also dip into things like hot toddy, a steamer, or more.

Warmth is not just about temperature. A great warm beverage in the holiday season satisfies the soul, not just the body.

This year I'm quite partial to a hot cocoa with lower sugar levels and a strong dark rum. When it snows that will be perfect for a walk through the neighborhood. But there are other answers, and I want yours.

I'm continuing my world creation project and would be thrilled to discuss with gamer/speculative fiction geeks about that process. The goal here is a world space. Stories could be told through shorts, novellas, gaming, etc.

A set of these stories would study the bond we establish with pets and how that changes not only ourselves, but in extreme cases our societies. There are many themes that can be explored, and the best of any game/dungeon masters do this.

By removing actualities and replacing them with approximates a storyteller can explore complex issues within a safe zone. Complex racial issues are much easier when talking about elves, dwarves, etc. How faith changes a social system can be approached differently without the power of the words of real world faiths.

So I build a world space. This is the last I'll mention unpublished fiction here on Sounder at Heart. Until that publication notice becomes real I'm still interested in your thoughts.

Now it's time for a toddy.

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