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Major Link Soccer - BWP is a DP and more

Seattle is a proactive team, Uncle Tim and Uncle Brad are fighting, a goal you must see

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Sounders only lose Dylan Remick via SBN's Mock Expansion Draft. The two blogs that will be covering the new teams are launching this week. Hudson River Blue (NYCFC) is live now. The Mane Land joins the network any second.

Forbes Mexico chose that they would define team value in a way that isn't related to how much a team costs, nor how much a sponsorship is worth, so the Sounders are only 21st in the Americas. No, the list does not make much sense.

What if stats could tell you how proactive a team is? Someone just did that. It turns out that the Sounders are the third most proactive team in MLS. Proactive soccer here is defined by the amount of time/passes a team spends in their attacking third and what they do with the ball when they are there.

Major League Soccer

Bradley Wright-Phillips finished fourth in MVP voting and tied the MLS record for goals in a season. It should be no surprise that Red Bull needed to figure out what to do with the player. That choice was not to sell him, but to keep him around as a DP.

The State of the League address likely left you wondering what's going on with the expansion to Miami. Beckham's group is very confident that things are going just fine. They're going to tell you how fine later.

In Minnesotta the Vikings are pushing that their stadium is the right solution for MLS in the Twin Cities. They've increased what they are going to spend in order to get soccer there. Then again this is the organization that holds EPL watch parties while their competition for the expansion slot held MLS Playoff watch parties.

How much does it cost to acquire the full rights of a CONCACAF (not-USA/Mexico) right back? About 100k. That's what Portland spent to keep Alvas Powell around the team.

Alexi Lalas thinks athletes are entertainers. He's right.


Leeds United has been a financial disaster for some time. They are one of the finest examples in the English speaking world of a worst case scenario when the quest for promotion goes unfettered. Now, their owner is banned from the FA.

This could be the greatest goal of the year. Her name is Stephanie Roche, learn it.

I hate it when my uncles fight. I also hate it when Freidel and Howard fight, and it seems that they are going to do so. The war of words is starting because Howard claims Freidel tried to stop Howard's move to Manchester United.

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