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Evans, Yedlin play as Wondo pushes USA past ROK

In a two-nil win the United States and South Korea didn't learn much. Neither did Sounders FC fans.

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There's just one official friendly between now and the World Cup. In that time one of the roles that will need to be hammered out will be the the right back. Two Seattle Sounders FC players are competing for that spot. One should make it and the other will be on the outside.

After today's match Brad Evans does not move up in his quest for starting time in Brazil. DeAndre Yedlin does not move down. Both did the things they were expected to do. Both showed that they could do more but not quite yet.

Chris Wondolowski showed that being the world's best ghost may be good enough. He finally scored against a non-CONCACAF opponent. He could get a nod in the future. He isn't technical. Wondo is getting by on his ability to read the game.

Jurgen seems to value that. He continues to call game readers up to international competition. It is why Evans continues to get strong looks. But Klinsmann is not just looking for readers of the game. He needs those men to perform.

Today, Evans showed that reading the game is good. He passed fairly well. He advanced and threatened. On the counter he helped the defense react. It was a solidly B-Rad game. No highlights, just classically under-rated American soccer smarts.

DeAndre had different issues. In earning his first CAP - HIS FIRST CAP - he enters a pantheon of demigods, gods and deities. Will he be a one timer? Or will he continue this growth curve? MLS may not be enough to show what Yedlin can be. His rise is too rapid. His challenges must be distinct; his success clear.

Today, the padawan looked to his master. He did not meet his Captain's standard, but he showed that he can, maybe, someday.

The United States won, but few questions that relate to Sounders FC were answered.

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