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Former Sounder Cam Weaver in camp as trialist

The one time USL Sounder (tied for league lead in goals in 2006) and Houston Dynamo player is currently without a club. Today he showed up in training with the Sounders.

Jamie Squire

When Cam Weaver was waived by the Houston Dynamo it was not a shock. He, like their other former Sounder Ching, was starting to be a regular sub. At 30 Weaver is likely not done with the pro game. With strong local ties (Kentwood, Seattle U, USL Sounders) here in Seattle it isn't a surprise that he is now on trial with Seattle Sounders FC. Cam's watched the sport grow in the area.

"I'm a Northwest kid at heart," Weaver told the media after Friday's session, "even though I haven't been a part of it all this so far, I just feel proud that this whole area has embraced the sport and the team. Even though I've been on a rival team since it's happened it's cool. I still feel somewhat a part of it even though I've been on the outside for a while."

Those local ties are part of why Sigi Schmid is giving him a look. "Anytime you can pick up a veteran guy who wants to be back in Seattle we'll see if it is the right fit, if it makes sense. If it makes sense we'll do it. If not nothing is going to be lost by it."

With parents in Kent and his former college right up I-5 he's kept in shape.

"I'm just trying to stay fit in case I can continue to play. I'm very fortunate that the Sounders let me train and see what's going on and if things might be able to work out," Cam said. "We'll see what happens."

Weaver has support of former USL teammate Zach Scott. "It's great for us. It's fantastic that we get the kind of players that we've been getting into our preseason camp, guys with so much experience," Scott told Sounder at Heart. ""Especially when it's a local product like him who has had so much success in Seattle. It's great. He knows what Seattle is about. He knows what Seattle soccer is about. That's tremendous for us."

In 2006 he was the last man on a roster that featured future MLS Sounders Scott, Levesque, Eyelander and Boss. He finished that year with 18 goals tied with the legendary Romario. This year if Weaver makes the roster, and he knows it is a full roster with just three weeks to opening day, it is unlikely to be in that skyrocketing to a foreign deal and then MLS kind of way.

With Houston last season he put in 1257 minutes mostly as a sub in league play and a starter in the secondary competitions. The classic target forward notched 4 goals in all competitions.

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