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Sean Okoli Q&A

Or maybe we just call this "Ask about Ugo"...

Sean Okoli posing for a fan pic after last Saturday's CenturyLink session
Sean Okoli posing for a fan pic after last Saturday's CenturyLink session
Mike Russell Foto

Sean Okoli and Sounder at Heart chatted about his first month of pro training, what he's learning and what he needs to show in Charleston during the Carolina Challenge Cup.

SaH: First things first, what have you learned in your first month?

Okoli: I've learned a lot about how to play with other players and how to improvise my game out on the field. I'm enjoying it.

SaH: Fitness has been less a concern for someone like yourself than some of the veterans. Does that feel good to have that advantage?

Okoli: Yeah, but they have a little more experience being game fit if that makes sense. I'm trying to get more game fit right now. Just keep getting better with and without the ball.

SaH: You were out wide a bit down in Arizona. What was it like playing there?

Okoli: I like playing out wide here. They like getting me the ball and having me take guys on in that space to go outside and cut inside. I just try to play the best that I can when I'm out there. Whenever I go up front I like playing there too. I do what I can where ever they play me.

SaH: You said you are working on trying to be more creative [improvise]. That's a word that gets thrown out there a lot. What's that mean for you?

Okoli: Being able to create things out of nothing, playing in real tight spaces and being able to combine with other players and get them forward. I feel like I know the basis of it, but I just need to be able to improvise and put it out on the field.

SaH: Do you find yourself thinking about it, or is it about instinct?

Okoli: It's more instinct, just going out on the field and playing, doing what feels right at the time and just enjoying it. Usually it turns out fine.

SaH: What do you need to do in Charleston segment of training?

Okoli: I'm trying to get my fitness, I'm at 60 minutes right now, I'm trying to get up to 75 or 90 and just show the guys that I can play, score some goals and make more of an impact in the games I play.

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