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OFF - Sochi is over, craft is gone

There are 110 days until the World Cup - one hundred and ten days is all. That's just under four months.

Paul Gilham

Russia's Winter Olympics are over. That means the next major global sporting event is coming and it isn't too far away. Guys, Clint, B-Rad and #TheNow may all be going to Brazil for the World Cup in just under four months.

I'm normally a big Olympics fan, but for many reasons this one didn't capture my spirit. I also didn't watch much curling. That's a shame, because no one is going to show curling until the next qualifiers. I'll need to get up to Granite Curling Club to satiate myself. Note: I'm not aware of a familial relationship with the Clarks of Granite.

There should be a pro league. Someone fund that for me.

* * *

A discussion popped up on my Facebook feed with my old team sergeant from my National Guard days. Another publication decided to take a shot at beers that are not "Craft" by definition. These things are always a bit nebulous. There are technical definitions and many popular craft beers are not Craft Beers, but that's missing the point of the whole movement. Just like those that think that Starbucks isn't specialty coffee anymore, or that U2 is too mainstream, or such-&-such isn't true BBQ, or whatever.

Here's the point of indy music, craft beer and specialty coffee - there should be many options and you should be able to choose what you enjoy.

So if you want to have a RedHook and call it craft feel free. If you don't feel free.

Enjoy things. Share them. If people don't like them that's OK too.

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