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This Week in the Comments [Nuclear Orca Edition]

This Week in Comments is moving to Wednesdays. It is Wednesday, so it's posting now.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

February 18th: "Major Link Soccer: Vince McMahon to buy Newcastle?"


Just yesterday I was joking

that the Sounders should buy Energy FC to be their USL team, then move them to Tacoma and fire Nielsen.

February 19th: "Have Sounders already offered Didier Drogba a lucrative contract?"

Miki Turner

I am willing to be flown to Turkey to investigate

My qualifications include a Minor in Journalism, and having backpacked through Turkey back in 2001 for a week. If you guys could start a fund to pay for my airfare and accommodations, I’d be much obliged. I’ll even stay in Hostels.

Never yacht's alone

Who is "all in"

I love this site, for its banter, humor, and over all great discussion points. So here is my comment for the naysayers. The club already has my $1400 for seats, and I will probably spend twice that on matchday and travel. I only watch road games on tv, and am not alone. The only thing that matters to me are games in November, and stars above our shield. I hope there are at least 5 in my lifetime. This is what ultimately separates us from those down south in Peasant… er Portland. Joe, Adrian, Sigi and others want that too. So if that means we/ me/they pay the best soccer player USA and Côte d’Ivoire ever produced, hell yes" I AM ALL IN".

The Trialist

One small ask of the Front Office

If we sign Drogba I have one ask for the front office. Please, in the name of all that is holy and right and proper, let us never do another unveiling like we did for Dempsey. That ceremony was wrong on so many levels. Aside from it being completely over the top and of questionable aesthetics* it must have pissed off every single member of the team.

If Drogba comes then have a press conference. Do some national TV spots. Talk to the local media. Certainly spend 5 minutes on Rave TV. But on game day he should be introduced like every other member of the team. We will cheer just like we do for every other member of the team.

*As a founding member of Aesthetes Against Continental Drift (AACD) I think I’m qualified to judge on this topic.

Aaron Campeau

The world doesn't laugh at MLS as much as it used to and the people still banging the "retirement league" drum are idiots best left ignored.

Drogba is still capable of playing at a very high level and helping teams win. That’s all anyone should care about.

February 21st: "Sounders' new third kit will be unveiled on March 3"

Quality Sevenless GIF

This is the only thing that DangerNut wants

February 24th: "Sounders third kit apparently leaked"


We could then call the color "Nuclear Orca"

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