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This Week In Comments [Last Week's Edition]

Catching up on some comments of the week. How did we survive?

I am sorry this is late, but let's hug.
I am sorry this is late, but let's hug.
David Banks

Sorry for this delay, dear readers. This past week was finals week so that plus a 40 hour a week job got a tad overwhelming. This is the best of comments from between January 26th to February 2nd. Later this week will have a post from February 3rd to February 8th. That's enough tl;dr, onto the comments.

January 28th: "Sounders may have eyes on Erik Friberg as allocation target"


Direct Adrian Hanauer Quote:

"There’s Norway our offseason is Finnish. First we must Sweden the team with a midfielder, Denmark it off the wishlist."


Not mentioned

but this would also fill the Swedish hole in our roster. I still think that was a possible cause of our collapse last year.

As long as he's done having kids for now

Or if the Sounders can convince him that Swedish Hospital in Ballard is a suitable substitute for having a child in Sweden.

Welp. Agtk.
If S@H ever does viewing parties at a specific bar (as opposed to BYOB at Golazo)

I propose we make a new cocktail called the Strawman. Initial taste is sweet but the aftertaste slowly fades into obscurity…

----> 509er
Strawman is this - whatever you actually ordered, you get a Shirley Temple.
then the waiters make fun of you for drinking Shirley Temples


My winger has a first name
It's M-A-R-C-O
My winger has a second name,
it’s P-A-P-P-A
Oh I’ll love to watch him everyday
And if you ask me why I’ll say,
Cause Erik Friberg’s gone away to B-O-L-O-G-N-A
So excited! Time for the Sounders to rollout the 4-3-3-3!


putitinthenet has seen this somewhere before.
Dave Clark shows us why Mauro is a pretty cool guy.

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3. Andrew Beck (125)
4. Dave Clark (77) 
5. brians3000 (76)
6. Sevenless (65)
7. Randy Meeker (61)
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9. Dylan Vanderhoof (56)
10. Jackington (50)

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