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OFF - so it snowed

Record snow at SeaTac even. It was not snowpocalypse, but it was a significant amount for this time of year.

Even snowpeeps support the Sounders
Even snowpeeps support the Sounders
Zach Becraft

As a reminder, the OFF posts are moving to Sundays.

When it gets cold I like hot drinks. I like hot drinks all the time really, being employed in coffee that long will do that to you, but when it is cold I like to break out some of the more forgotten beverages. Today, when I got back from walking my dog Aslan in the slush I had a little mulled wine. But I also enjoy a good hot cider, or a toddy.... oh, a toddy.

[Dave exits stage left, returns with steaming cup of toddy]

Where was I?

Hot drinks, yes. There's something about winter that brings out beverages that you wouldn't think about at other times of the year. It is not the cold. It can get down right chilly in March or even September, but if you are like "Hey, it's 40 degrees out let's have some toddy" people look at you funny.

So yes, what do you drink in the winter that you don't have normally?

Also, it snowed. That can be just fun. My neighbors built a snowman with a carrot nose. I thought using actual carrots that way was gone in the 80s, but it is not. One of our readers posted to the SaH Facebook page an awesome pic of a snowman supporter. That's the photo that leads this post off.

Other neighbors found the steepest slope in our tiny neighborhood and started sledding. It is the worst sledding run I've ever seen, but the joy on those kids faces. I love that joy. Good thing it happened on a Sunday morning so the Monday commute didn't get ruined. That way we can talk about the awesome part of snow. Also, good thing we weren't Portland. They got hosed this weekend with their snow/ice storm. Also good thing we aren't Portland.

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