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This Week in the Comments [BARRETT edition]

We have a record for most recommended comment. That makes things easy.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

March 8th: "Chad Barrett continues Sounders stoppage time glory"

Scott47A, congratulations on your great achievement and notable collection of recs. I salute you.

I thought the ref was magnificent

The only way to take the crappy, ticky-tack, constant fouling out of MLS is to call all of the fouls.
This is what an experienced Euro ref would do in this overly-physical league.
I say "about time" and "may I have some more, please."

March 8th: "Chad Barrett continues Sounders stoppage time glory"

Randy Meeker

I liked that he wasn't letting players get away with kicking the ball away after the whistle

He warned the first player that tried it and booked another later in the game. From the games in Europe that I’ve watched lately, this is one area where I think our officiating needs to take a tougher stand. Referees in Europe generally don’t put up with that and it’s actually pretty effective




I wouldn't blame the refs for that

That’s just how KC plays. The refs did a great job for the most part, and we’re pretty consistent for the entire game. I would definitely be happy with him reffing every other Sounders game.

March 8th: "Sounders v Sporting Kansas City - Gamethread"

Ballfann reminds you all that Fredy's baby is the cutest baby.

March 10th: "Toronto Coach Ryan Nelsen thinking about lineup adjustment due to Turf fear"


I've decided that, by popular demand, I should introduce the use of comment strings. Let me know in the comments if you like this addition or if you think it adds clutter. I am but a humble and insignificant student of your wise comments.


TFC should probably just send their reserves

Better safe than sorry, right?

---> seoultrain

Why risk the reserves?

No one gets hurt in a forfeit.

---------> olorcain

no one gets hurt?

we do.
a forfeit means another week with no Sounders, I just suffered through about 17 weeks of that. no thank you.

Aaron Campeau

If I were a GM/owner and my coach held out players because of turf, I'd fire him immediately.

If a coach isn’t willing to listen to all of the widely available data debunking the idea that turf doesn’t increase injury risk, it says very bad things about their willingness to exercise actual logic over "common sense" and conventional thinking.

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