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Latest LevyFilms project wants your input

A couple weeks ago, Scott Levy -- the filmmaker behind 'American Football' -- asked me to host the pilot of a show he would like to turn into a weekly part of Sounders coverage. This is not meant to be a ready-for-air version, but more just to give an idea of the mood he hopes to capture. Now, he's asking for your input:

Dear Sounders FC faithful, soccer fans, and beleaguered loved ones of football junkies,

Since the screenings of our film, American Football, late last year, even before, LEVYfilms has been trying to figure out what's next. We've continued to produce highlights of Sounders games whenever we could. The support and encouragement from the Sounders family has been inspiring. Our work is a collaboration with an infinitely diverse and expressive tribe, who come together and celebrate in a way that is a form of art in and of itself.

The Sounders organization, from the beginning, has been at the forefront, pioneering really, in terms of involving fans directly in creating and deciding key elements of the Sounders experience and leadership. Although separate from the organization, we've followed this ethos to some extent. Not intentionally, but it felt right, even if we must also remain true to our own vision in order to meet the high standards expected of us.

This rough pilot for a regular Sounders FC show was shot and edited over a few days before the team left for preseason training in South Carolina. Jeremiah Oshan, Adrian Hanauer and Taylor Graham were kind enough to indulge our little experiment at the George and Dragon. Chad Marshall, Sean Okoli and Aaron Kovar were somewhat-unwitting collaborators, and we are indebted to them for just being great guys in addition to great Sounders. All the players and coaches have been kind enough to let us "in" such that we could bring you with us.

There are myriad elements that could be included and executed better if we pursue doing a show for real, but we must keep it simple in order to deliver on a regular, timely basis. The football season waits for no one, and we'd have real games to shoot, in addition to practice, if we go forward. The show couldn't be too long, too cumbersome or expensive to produce. We believe that knowing the players and coaches better is a good thing. We know we want to continue to translate the visual beauty of the game. We also see that there is room for semi-coherent tactical examination, discussion and prognostication, because we do a lot of it, and it never seems to get old. Beyond that, nothing has been determined.

So, if you have a moment, let us know what you think, understanding that it's a work in progress, a proof-of-concept at best. Maybe even show it to people who don't quite get your obsession. If we do our job well, they may end up on the yacht with us.

Much appreciated and abraços to all.

Scott Levy

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