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Major Link Soccer: Champions League Action

Also, see what former a former Rancid member is doing these days, MIke Petke will be around for a while, and Phoenix FC won't be around at all.

Samuel puts LA into position to drive two hours to Mexico and move on in the Champions Leauge
Samuel puts LA into position to drive two hours to Mexico and move on in the Champions Leauge
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


I'll bet you five bucks you didn't know there is an Indoor Soccer Hall of Fame. Now that I've won that bet, I'll be expecting your money in the mail while said HoF inducts a number of local indoor soccer "stars". Those Tacoma jerseys have actually aged well.

Cam Weaver went retro with his new twitter picture.

In a segment I'm going to call "Sounders at Heart at Sounders", Dave has written another excellent piece focusing on how the substitutions (Clint Dempsey, Chad Barrett, Sean "Ugo" Okoli) who came into Saturday's match tilted the field. "Subs Change Games".


The Guardian takes an unusual stance on the league for a UK-based organization (though it is on the US side of the site)praising the league for its fiscal responsibility and not following the European model of spending money it doesn't have. The flip side is that big money players big in the TV ratings, and right now MLS lags behind 20 European countries alone in average player spending. The league needs to continue to grow, just at a sustainable pace.

Fans of the band Rancid may not cringe at San Jose's new punk rock anthem "Never Say Die". Between this and "This is LA", California sure has some terrible soccer music going for it. (remembers "The Last Sound") Crap.

It was once thought that Phoenix FC might be a prelude to Arizona joining MLS. Fat chance now, as the team appears to be folding after a single year of play. Clearly they also won't be available as a USL-Pro affiliate either. There is a chance the team changes hands again and players the 2014 season, but such an unstable situation is unlikely to find a nice resolution.

Talks between MLS and the referees have recommenced, but don't expect anything to be done this week or next. This one may still take a while, and I'd be somewhat surprised if the scabs are gone by the beginning of April. (I mean "scabs" in the most loving way possible).

Mike Petke has actually reached a new deal with the New York Red Bulls yesterday, four months after some massive confusion about the state of his contract. Mike Petke was the first coach in team history to actually win something, but it was thought he had been on a one year deal. That evidently wasn't the case, since he was out there coaching in Vancouver's 4-1 throttling of the Red Bulls on Saturday. Now, he has been extended, and has the chance to continue to break ground for what's soon to be known as "The OTHER New York team".

A reminder of why so many people expect great things from Darren Mattocks:

The gall of the lesser Leiweke (Tim) and MLSE is something to behold. Already working with a beautiful and fairly modern MLS stadium, the group wants to plop Candian Football games in there as well. To do so, they want to add 10,000 more seats, and are asking the public for 30 million dollars to make it happen. Fun fact guys: very few Toronto FC fans want to see football played on their field.

The Columbus Crew are taking full advantage of their USL-Pro team, sending five players to their affiliated Dayton Dutch Lions.

A wise person once said "if you like it than you should put a ring on it". FC Dallas likes Matt Hedges, so they have given him a multi-year contract extension.

17 year-old Tommy Redding has become Orlando City's first Homegrown Player, about a year before the team will take the field and mere months after the team was announced to be joining MLS. Seems like there was a player the Sounders would have loved to HGP when they were entering the league...

RSLsoapbox's Matt Montgomery takes a look at the Daynes Challenge Cup, which a century ago was the top soccer prize in the state of Utah.


On Tuesday, the San Jose Earthquakes were unable to take advantage of home field in a 1-1 draw with Toluca. The other two MLS entrants fared somewhat better today, with each of the LA Galaxy and Sporting KC managing 1-0 victories at home against Tijuana and Cruz Azul respectively. The Galaxy got on the board thanks to a Samuel goal in the 11' and some interesting keeping from LA's Jaime Penedo. Herculez Gomez came off the bench in the game and was carded. There must have been some strong deja vu going through the minds of Sporting KC as they had to survive a barrage of shots in the second half of their match. Their 17th minute Kevin Ellis goal held up, and they now get the opportunity to go into Mexico City to try to hold on to their one goal advantage. LA's road trip... not quite as intimidating.

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