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OFF - Jasmine and Dogs

This is your weekly off-topic post. All things not soccer!

A year later he still thinks he can get in this spot
A year later he still thinks he can get in this spot
Kristin Clark

Over at Temple Billiards last night I enjoyed a drink called a Jasmine. It's an old-timey gin based drink that takes bright and low citrus notes while not overpowering the delicate juniper, pine and other flavors of distilled gin. It's light without sparkle. Frankly it was a great accompaniment to the post match conversations that were less soccer and more life well after the recap was written.

Often I'm into Manhattans or an Old Fashioned after games. Sometimes something light is needed. Give the Jasmine a try when you can find a place that knows how to do it. At Temple that's bartender Dave (not me, the guy that works the bar).

* * *

Aslan is my second dog. He's about as different from my first one as possible. Both are/were Retrievers. Amira was a Golden/Yellow Lab mix while Aslan is a Red Fox Lab. But their personalities are dramatically different.

Where Amira would curl at my feet while I write/work Aslan gets angry that he isn't the center of attention.

It's an interesting dynamic and probably my fault as I'm the human, but I have no idea how it happened. I love/d them both, but whoa this second beast is not a tame lion.

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