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Major Link Soccer: Reign Tix on Sale

Dempsey accidentally (?) takes a swing at the family jewels, Jordanians know how to cook up an impressive goal or two, and Hercluez Gomez has harsh words for the people of LA.

Dempsey v Bradley. No holds nuts.
Dempsey v Bradley. No holds nuts.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Reign single-game tickets were supposed to go on sale at 8am this morning, but suddenly this happened:

Better buy them quick: Memorial Stadium's location might encourage a new level of demand. Which reminds me... *goes off to place order*

Now that I'm back, let's talk a little bit about Clint Dempsey. See, he took a rather unfortunate swing at Toronto's Mark Bloom, after which many of us would have trouble walking/breathing. He may or may not have intended to hit Bloom in the family jewels, but the result is what it was. For that, Dempsey has apologized, as well he should.

A lot of people with extremely high expectations got let down when the Sounders lost to the revamped Toronto FC 2-1 on Saturday. And maybe those guys are right. After all, three points against Sporting KC and Toronto can't hope to compete with the likes of the high-powered Timbers, who are sitting on two points after games against the POWERHOUSE Philadelphia Union and Chicago Fire. The nickname "Draw City" continues to make itself more and more relevant. More on topic, here's the opposition reaction courtesy of Waking The Red. As one might expect, the locals are pretty enthused with the result and the look of their revamped team. For more on that game, Prosoccertalk has their own Five Takeaways.

Starting at 5pm tonight, you can vote for Drew Carey in his most pressing competition, Dancing With the Stars.

Komo had the inside scoop on Jim Mercer, who the Sounders employ to help get the team in the right mental frame of mind to succeed on the field. It is an interesting article, but I'm so disappointed that the author didn't come up with the headline "Motivational Coach Tinkers with Sound Minds"

Both the Sounders Academy U18 and U16 teams won as they each took on their respective Crossfire sides. The older group finished with a 3-2 victory and goals from Cody Crook, David Olsen, and Victor Rojas. The younger squeaked out a 1-0 win thanks to Victor Mansaray. The teams are now second and first in their divisions respectively.


In 2012, one play single-handedly brought a league to its knees in the face of a widely-criticized replacement referee's call. It appears that the same may have happened in 2014 (except this time, the call was actually incorrect!) Jamison Olave was hard-done by the call, which awarded Colorado a tying penalty kick. Once a Metro is even more concerned that the referee who made the call is the guy in charge of training the real referees how to do their job.

Speaking of hard-done, you'll be pleased to see that the smallest Johnson in the league had a wide-open chance to score for the Timbers on Saturday, and took his shot. It's rolling, it's rolling, it's rolling... awwwwwwww...

Herculez Gomez played for Tijuana in their 1-0 loss to the LA Galaxy, but still had some fighting words after the match. Unimpressed with the home crowd in LA, Gomez had this to say:

I think it was disappointing for L.A. You can’t claim to be one of the best fan bases and the flagship team of the league and get shown up like this. I’m sure their players feel disappointed.


There are still a few free transfers out there for teams to take a swing at.

It was a good week for fans of Jordanian soccer. these two incredible goals are world class no matter where they are scored. If your interest isn't yet piqued, one of them comes directly from an over-the-back heel flip. "No keeper in the universe".

Just last week I shone a spotlight on the Sounders' current placement in the MLS all-time attendance categories, alluding to the fact that our club will pass teams that have been around since 1996 in only a few short months. However, that pole should never be used to measure the level of support that any fanbase provides for their team. Numbers are fantastic, but there are so many factors that go into whether or not fans can attend games. We should not be spreading word about our record-setting quantity of support, when we can instead brag about our record-setting QUALITY of support. :)

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