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Clint Dempsey's 'crotch punch' just one of several plays under review

Simon Borg took a close look at several plays and the conclusions may surprise you.

By now, you've seen the supposed Clint Dempsey "crotch punch" that has so many around the country all up in a lather. Just in case you'd like to view forever, here's a gif:


As you may have heard, Dempsey claimed to be slapping Mark Bloom's hand away. He apologized after the game and Bloom seemed to accept that explanation. As Simon Borg points out in the video above, that's good enough for him and I suspect it may be good enough for the disciplinary committee.

Somewhat surprisingly, that was one of only four plays from Saturday's game that Borg reviewed. He also looked at Jackson's tackle on Dempsey (he thought it should have been a red), Dempsey's kicking out (again, thought it should be red) and Bloom's take-down of Lamar Neagle (he thought it should have been a penalty and a red). So, that's a lot of red...

I don't suspect we'll see any DC action out of any of this, but it is probably illustrative of how frustrating of a match it was.

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