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This Week In The Comments [Keep AH from Twitter Edition]

There were some great comments this week, but your top rec'd comment was a pun. A PUN.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

March 12th: "Official: Cam Weaver signs with Sounders FC"

Adam Watering. Your top comment this week was a pun, and it is all of our collective fault.

I was under the impression

That Seattle doesn’t play with a cam.

March 13th: "Dylan Remick should be the Sounders first choice leftback"

Demolition Man

I agree that Remick should get more time as a starter

He had a very good game and impressed me a lot. However, to say that, "The 22-year-old, a year out from his time at Brown University, was easily the most impressive player on the pitch Saturday..", is stretching it a bit. There were a couple of times when he got caught out (as did others), and his touches were not always the best. That being said, he showed he is more than capable of being an every match player and starter for us. I am excited to watch his growth alongside Yedlin this season.


Vehemently disagree

Benching your team voted Defender of the Year on the off chance that Remick turns into Yedlin is not a recipe for success. I’d much prefer to play 3 in the back with Traore/Marshall/Leo than have to keep Ozzie back so both outside backs can get forward.

Also "Dylan Remick stood out as perhaps the most impressive player on the pitch for the Seattle Sounders" might be the greatest piece of hyperbole ever written on this site. I get that we like young players (the outpouring of adjectives describing Okoli’s debut was over the top as well), but no, just no.

March 15th: "Sounders lose, as midfield only plays second half"


Sample size seems to be lost on many of the frustrated commentors im reading.



bad game doesn’t make him horrid. And one bad game doesn’t mean Sigi should get fired.

Eric Flatness

Pretty sure no one read that "Sounders might start slow" article

----> kallistec

Yeah but we beat KC and thought you were full of it

March 16th: "Dave Kaval's late night Twitter battle with ECS"

Your co-top comment of the week was also this, so I can still be proud of you. melz10

Not to sound all "political" and everything

But the saddest part of this whole exchange does come down to the divide in socio-economics. This Dave guy has no concept in the difference between $20 vs $25 a ticket for a San Jose STH and even the huge difference between $25 and $50 a ticket. For almost all of the population that prices people out of going to games. One of the biggest comments I have heard from folks about Sounders games is how affordable the tickets are. Even real poor people can afford to take their family to nose bleed seats and every once and awhile treat themselves to decent seats. Heck, I can even afford a really really good seat and have a season ticket. I have never gone to a Seahawks game because I refuse to have bad seats and I can’t afford decent seats. Look at our USMNT game. One of the biggest complaints I heard from true fans of the team was how high ticket prices were. They just couldn’t afford it for their families. One guy felt like he could not just buy a ticket for himself and leave his son and daughter at home. But when you are the uber rich, these decisions don’t affect you. It just seems like a few dollars here and there. In their minds, there will be someone else who will fill the void of someone "who doesn’t care enough." But we know that person who leaves does not have the mind set that he doesn’t care, he just can’t afford. What is sad is that MLS does not have the capacity yet to fill the void. There is not enough of the high economic brackets to take a spot if prices get too high. They are supposed to have employees around to tell them this stuff. It is basic rocket science (if you want to use that analogy) and if the MLS does not have those people, they are in really big trouble.

Son of Mecha Mummy

Guys I am so glad that Hanauer stays off Twitter.

Drew Besse

Well they have sold more total tickets than the Seattle

Around 3.2 million SJ tickets sold and only 3.1 million Sounders tickets sold!

March 18th: Links Post


This is way off topic as it has nothing to do with the Sounders and has a tenuous, at best, connection to soccer.
That said, I just have to share. (mods - I fully understand if you feel that this comment does not belong and choose to delete it).

About three years ago a guy on my soccer team suddenly stopped showing up for games - he just flat out disappeared. We came to learn that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. We left him on the roster on the team web site in the ridiculous hope that he may someday be able to come out to play at some point down the road. We also figured that it was our little way of showing support and letting him know that he was still wanted, while respecting his privacy in the process.

He just RSVP'd for our game tomorrow night.

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