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Sounders vs. Toronto: Readers' player ratings

More than 500 readers took part in first-ever community ratings.

Marco Pappa will look to rebound in the eyes of Sounders FC fans this weekend in Montreal.
Marco Pappa will look to rebound in the eyes of Sounders FC fans this weekend in Montreal.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

More than 500 people rated Sounders FC players in the first-ever Sounder at Heart readers' player ratings this week. With such huge participation the numbers tell a pretty valid story as to what we, as a group, thought about the Sounders' 2-1 defeat at home Saturday to Toronto.

Before I reveal your numbers, here's a quick reminder of my ratings from the game that were published here on Sunday.

Stefan Frei: 5

DeAndre Yedlin: 6

Chad Marshall: 7

Djimi Traore: 4

Dylan Remick: 5

Osvaldo Alonso: 8

Brad Evans: 5

Lamar Neagle: 5

Marco Pappa: 3

Clint Dempsey: 8. Man of the Match.

Obafemi Martins: 7

Gonzalo Pineda (28th minute): 7

Kenny Cooper (63rd minute): 5

Chad Barrett (79th minute): 6

And here is a key to the 1-10 scale:
1. Horrible
2. Awful
3. Poor
4. Flawed
5. Adequate
6. Good
7. Very good
8. Great
9. Superb
10. World Class

As of 6 p.m. Tuesday, a total of 532 valid ratings were cast by Sounder at Heart readers. Ratings weren't considered valid if they only rated one player or were all of a single number.

Here are the averages:

Frei: 5.25

Yedlin: 6.19

Marshall: 6.56

Traore: 4.26. Through the comments on the ratings thread it became obvious there are many thoughts on what led to the first goal. I had commented that I thought Traore was slow to fill the space left when Marshall moved off the defensive line to mark Dwayne DeRosario. Others said that Traore should not have been put in that position, that Marshall should not have stepped up in the first place. I'm guessing the general disagreement on the cause and effect on that goal explains why readers gave Marshall a lower rating than mine and Traore a slightly higher rating.

Here's a fever chart tracking all the ratings for Traore from Sounder at Heart readers:Traore_fever_3-15_medium

In the chart you can see that people rated him fairly consistently (that's the fill color), but still with variance.

Remick: 5.52

Alonso: 7.07. I scored Alonso an 8, but 7 is clearly the consensus here. I think perhaps that is a reflection on the fact that although Ozzie had many strong tackles and made many great passes to settle play and to switch field, he never made a cutting pass that opened up a goal scoring chance like Jonathon Osorio did for Toronto (although Alonso did have a ball over the top that put Neagle in a very dangerous situation). It may also reflect the fact it's hard to think of the team's defensive midfielder as "great" when the opposition scored two.

Here's a fever chart of ratings for Alonso. Pretty consistent votes on this one (all that pretty fill!):Alonso_fever_3-15_medium

Evans: 4.81

Neagle: 4.37

Pappa: 2.73. More than 20 people scored Pappa as a 1. I think it's understandable that people can look at his failed tackle in the build up to the first goal and his horrible back pass that led to the second goal and think "I'm not sure how it could be worse." Still, you don't often see many 1s handed out by player evaluators. Often for a player to receive a 1 they have to be so bad that you don't expect to see them on the field for the club again. I have read a couple comments through social media with people expressing those kinds of thoughts about Pappa, but he is not in any danger of being dropped. He obviously has skill, and showed it at times Saturday. He had a rough game, but I think this average score is pretty accurate. He was poor, and must not make the kinds of mistakes that cost goals, but he deserves, and will receive, many more chances to show his skills in Rave Green.

Here's a fever chart of Pappa's ratings from all of you. You will notice that a couple people gave him ratings well above 5.


Dempsey: 7.63

Martins: 6.73

Pineda: 6.10

Cooper: 5.01

Barrett: 4.87. The rating for Chad Barrett was the biggest difference between my ratings and what you all think. I gave Chad a 6, a "good" rating. Readers clearly did not agree. He scored slightly below "adequate" here. One astute reader pointed out that my point that Barrett got off a couple of decent crosses in his short spell wasn't very accurate considering neither of the crosses went to another Sounder or had any impact on the game.

Here's a fever chart of the voting on Barrett (all those gaps are people who gave him an incomplete):Barrett_fever_3-15_medium

I hope everyone enjoyed this first-ever community player ratings opportunity. I'll be back with player ratings again this Sunday and with an opportunity for you to weigh in again too.

Allez Sounders!

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