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OFF - Pancakes, and Disney Ultras v Normcore

Guys, the season is six days away guys. I'm excite! Oh, pancakes... distracted now.

Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife

Recently breakfast around my house has trended towards the pancake. We've had bacon pancakes, cranberry pancakes, normal pancakes with jam, normal pancakes with maple syrup. I typically use a mix, because I'm lazy, and recently found a gluten-free one. We stumbled on this not because we are in a gluten-free house, but because we were visiting friends who are for medical reasons and they had it. It was good, so we switched.

Bacon pancakes was silly. I like both things. But I like those things separate more than I do together. The only salty I want involved in my pancake flavor is from the butter/syrup combo. There's something about that mix of maple, sugar, cream and salt from the perfect blend of syrup and butter. It is probably contributing to various health issues I have/will have, but still that flavor. Pancakes are really a delivery device for that flavor.

My wife disagrees. She likes pancakes with a little jam - JAM! I don't get this. In fact it's crazy.

* * *

You know soccer ultras? The guys that put on some hardcore stuff and cheer? They're most often in supporters sections around the globe. Lots of denim, studs, tats, piercings, etc.

Guess what? There are now Disney Ultras.

Click that. Read that.

Normcore doesn't seem to like it much. Kind of like how families don't really get the supporters culture in soccer.

Here's the thing. Different types of people can like the same thing. I'm a nerd/geek that likes soccer. The guy a couple houses down? He's an athlete that likes soccer. The seats behind me in 214? Family that likes soccer.

Replace soccer with Disney, or rock, or rap, or Breaking Bad, or whatever.

People like stuff and other stuff. Sometimes the stuff doesn't seem congruent, but they still like it.

* * *

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