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Clint Dempsey officially suspended two games, appeal denied

As rumored, Dempsey will miss the Sounders' next two games for his "cup check" on Mark Bloom in the 40th minute. No other players from that match were disciplined.

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

The Seattle Sounders will have to get used to life without Clint Dempsey for a little while. The Designated Player was suspended for two games for his "cup check" of Mark Bloom in the 40th minute of Saturday's match, the MLS Disciplinary Committee announced on Friday. Dempsey had appealed the decision through the MLS Players' Union, but that was denied. He will next be eligible to play against the Portland Timbers on April 5.

In the release, MLS confirmed that any player who the committee unanimously rules to have committed "violent conduct" will now be automatically suspended at least two games. Any player who receives a red card for a similar action will also receive an automatic extra game suspension.

No other players from the Toronto FC match were suspended, most notably Jackson who had several rough fouls but somehow managed to avoid even receiving a yellow card.

Also receiving suspensions from other games were the Chicago Fire's Lovel Palmer (two games) and the New York Red Bulls Armando (one game). Both players received yellow cards in the game, but Palmer was deemed to have committed "violent conduct" against Maximiliano Urruti (video), while Armando was only deemed to have a "serious foul play" (video).

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