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MLS Week 3 Round-Up

Seattle sits at 2nd in the West and 4th in the Supporters' Shield after 3 weeks worth of action. That's ~8% of the season. Here's a recap of what happened on the pitch in week three. There may be snark involved. There will be a recap of the best former Sounders.

The third week of action was crappy pitches for Major League Soccer.

Here are the Western Conference playoff teams from which includes the new tie-breakers.

1 FC Dallas 7 3 2.33 2 0 1 7 4 3 6 3 1 0
2 Seattle Sounders FC 6 3 2 2 1 0 4 2 2 2 0 2 2
3 Vancouver Whitecaps 5 3 1.67 1 0 2 5 2 3 4 3 1 0
4 Real Salt Lake 5 3 1.67 1 0 2 5 4 1 1 0 4 1
5 Colorado Rapids 4 2 2 1 0 1 3 1 2 2 2 1 0
6 Chivas USA 4 3 1.33 1 1 1 5 6 -1 4 1 1 -2

New England Revolution - Vancouver Whitecaps - Nil-Nil is boring. Not always boring, but this was boring. Two teams built around different styles of midfield didn't get the chances you'd expect. Their rare attempts on goal were boring. You could say the defenses were good, but the 70% passing from both sides speaks to boring midfields. Boring. Revs still can't score. 'Caps forgot how after week one. Boring.

Real Salt Lake - LA Galaxy - Hi, crappy grass. Both sides with an injury sub early (not necessarily related to grass). Sabario and Keane both score in first half. Keane and Donovan are really amazing at soccer things. Up-and-down. Even diminished LA is fun to watch [washes mouth out with soap]. Perk started at keeper, in headgear. The second half was chunky and less entertaining. Galaxy tried to threaten late, but thought that shooting through RSL players would work. 1-1 draw.

Toronto FC - DC United - Hi, crappy grass. Goff of the WaPo calls it "potato field." Defoe doesn't finish 100% of his shots in this one. Matched started in Toronto's favor, but even in second 22.5. Defoe be all poachy. He's really good at poachy. Bradley plays a great game and gets rewarded with a bloody head. DC couldn't create danger on the road and lose. 1-0 TFC. EJ without a goal, again. Reds confirm that they are bunker & counter even at home - 37% possession.

Colorado Rapids - Portland Timbers - Hi, slight snow, winds and crappy grass. Zakuani started, so that made me smile/cry a little bit. Burch starts for Rapids. Portland only attacking from flanks in 1st 30. PDX broadcast thinks that Rep. of Congo is a town. Chara at 3 fouls at half. Timbers can't stay onside of their LONG BALLS. Ricketts stuck his boot in a man's chest and hurt himself, his team. Gets a red and a PK. Sounder at Heart Weber comes on doesn't stop Sanchez' PK. Rapidly after that Weber takes a man out for another PK. He stops Brown, Brown follows the rebound and scores. Entertaining for neutrals until Ricketts Fu. Entertaining for Sounders after that with a 2-0 Rapids win.

Columbus Crew - Philadelphia Union - It's not a crappy surface! Higuain is pretty amazing and the re-imagined Crew look like they could be a playoff team. Anor on a brace by half. Philly's Fernandes puts home a Le Toux ball to give Union a chance.

FC Dallas - Chivas USA - Intriguing lineup sees Zavaleta start at CB. Chivas gave up goals to Castillo, Watson, and Michel. Goats FC got a goal from a dude. Eriq looks out of touch with his CB spot. Strong passer, but he could be in the right position on occasion? Mauro didn't assist. The world isn't just. Cubo Torres scored. The 3-1 win puts Dallas at the top of the table.

Sporting KC - San Jose Earthquakes - Hi crappy surface. How do you expect us to take the 'Quakes seriously when they have Cato as a right back? That and they can't play any soccer but punt-and-pray and against KC they don't play a guy that punishes KC? Get with it Watson. Dwyer netted a PK and KC won. Don't watch this. It's a foul-fest against a punt-fest. I don't know which team is which.

Chicago Fire - New York Red Bulls - McCarty is the best non-best player in the league. Sure he scored. That's not why he's amazing. Sure, his twitter feed is cool. That's not why he's amazing. He's probably the best non-Alonso/Bradley/Beckerman central mid in the league. He scored the tying goal. The Fire really tried to lose, but they only gave up a single goal after their 6th minute goal from Big Red.

Pssst - Sunday Sounders games make this more difficult.

Top Three Former Sounders of Week One

  1. Seb Le Toux - didn't give up when Philly did
  2. Steve Clark - earned a win against Philly
  3. Eriq Zavaleta - he started, finally

As a reminder every week has an Open Thread to discuss MLS games that don't feature Sounders. With less than 10% of the season in the books you can still join the Sounder at Heart Fantasy League. You should do this by next week or you'll miss out on smack talking fun, or something.

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