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Still need a scarf? Dave will be at Berliner Pub in Renton today

Last year's scarves and shirts will be available for pick-up or purchase at The Berliner Pub in Renton. This is an all ages location. Cash only for purchase. Each is 20$. Shirts will have limited sizes and quantities available. If you buy several deals can be worked.

With the 1:00 PM start and the St. Patrick's Day Parade I'm going to aim for a Noon arrival. I will be stationed in the beer hall - in fact they'll have that set aside for Sounders fans only. Follow either the site or my personal twitter to make certain you can find me. After the game I will write the instant recap and then sell until you stop buying. Make me stay a long time, please.



Grey background and Likkit face are not included.

As always your support is appreciated.