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OFF - tea and martial arts

This is your weekly off topic post

A tea plantation near Sochi
A tea plantation near Sochi

My first experiences with tea were with a generic black tea, heavy sugar and some cream. While in the single digits of age it was ideal. It made me feel a bit like an adult (because that's what they were doing) and it tasted like sweet drinks I was not allowed normally.

Thirty years later and that still a simple way to enjoy tea, but I do more than that. Green ginger, Earl Grey, Moroccan, Darjeeling, etc. Tea, and tea like products, are gaining some momentum in the craft beverage movement. Starbucks again efforted at their entry into the market during this year's annual meeting. In the past they've purchased a couple different tea companies.

It would seem that people want options. They don't want six types of tea. They want hundreds of varieties. They want to explore. They want flavors that only occur in tea and tisane. I still love a good sweet creamed tea. But that's probably nostalgia and me being cheap.

What tea's should I explore?

* * *

Yesterday's Donovan Rickett's flying kick reminded me of the couple years I studied Shodikan. It's a karate variant that starts with strong linear motion and then starts to layer on aikido techniques. I bring this up not because of flying kicks. I never learned those.

I bring this up because it reminded me of a failure of communication during training. We were partnered up. There were only two teens in the adult class and I was about 135 and 5'6" (so tiny compared to now) and my partner was a maybe 100 pound girl my age. We were practicing blocking punches at the face. I heard half speed and so was prepared to slowly sweep my forearm up and block a strike that should have been about 2" away from the bridge of my nose.

She went full speed and was about six inches closer. I never blocked that strike. I did get to practice falling down, hard.

Here's Rickett's moment of failure



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