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This Week In The Comments [We Are Ralph Edition]

#RalphLife #RalphSwag #RalphYOLOSWAG

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Ralph isn't really in this post, but he needed to be honored this week after this article from earlier today.

March 20th: Sounders, Seahawks split business operations

This entire exchange



Only if your yacht is in the shop. We’re not peasants

SounderJunkie knows all about the #importance of your personal #brand and also #synergy

This Innovation Center will clearly allow us to evolve away from our current multidisciplinary culture without losing our hard-fought synergies

Going forward, we will be empowered to determine our own business alignments and show everyone what we bring to the table. As we spin up this new office, we will see a sustainable paradigm shift allowing all team members to be fully invested in the business mission with the personal bandwidth to see things through.

The Sounders have become a part of the DNA of the shared offices, but it’s time for the next generation. With this type of forward thinking, I expect that the team will continue to break ground and push the envelope. The world is a fast moving place in the age of the internet and, at the end of the day, the team needs to be proactive instead of reactive as they fortify their position and proceed to grow the brand.

March 20th: "Caption This Photo"


(Attenborough Voice)

And Here We See A Wild Honey Badger Meeting Its Slightly Bigger, Slightly Less Angry Cousin, The Maple Badger

March 24th: 'Away Robbery' symbolizes shift in sports consumption by younger fans"


Love this

I’m not an ECS member and its really not for me, but I am very supportive of the pushback I’ve seen from them this week. I think they are more than justified to expect MLS to protect their presence in all stadiums rather than allow them to be exploited by folks like @QuakesPrez or the 9ers for a quick buck.

Supporters groups make MLS look good and none more so than ECS. Pretty much all promotional material produced by the league and its partners includes shots of SGs and fan-made tifos. It is very appropriate for ECS (and all supporters groups) to take issue when being treated unfairly since they contribute so much to the MLS ecosystem.

SGs are the lifeblood of this league and it would be incredibly foolish for the league to allow narcissistic owners like Merritt Paulson and Dave Kaval ruin the soccer culture of MLS 3.0. Its great that this has come to the attention of Mr. Garber in such a public way. I hope he didn’t think the Cascadia Cup trademarking issue was the last time he would hear from SGs.


Hi, My name is Andrew and I'm a millennial

I know I’m not the majority but I’m also not alone. I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding by some about why this issue is important to the supporters, particularly the younger ones. This isn’t a sob story, this is just my perspective.

My wife and I work hard for the little money that we earn, and after paying bills each month, putting $20 towards retirement, and making sure we can eat, we don’t have much left for entertainment. So we save and skimp and once every couple months we can afford to buy tickets and drive up to Seattle for a match. We would love to be able to travel to away matches, but even going to PDX or Van is often just too much. For people like us, or people who make just a little more than us, travel is a luxury, if attainable at all. I know that if we were to try to make it down to SJ for the game, we would have to do everything we could to keep expenses to a minimum. Share a hotel room, carpool, etc just to make it affordable. Now add in that ticket prices have more than doubled. That’s the meal budget for the trip. Or half a tank of gas. These are the kinds of things that DO put these trips out of reach for a number of people. And that is just looking at this one away match. Add in PDX, Van and the other trips that man take, and you’re talking about a total increase in ticket cost of $100+, and that’s if you only go to Cascadia and SJ. When that is close to your entertainment budget for 6 months, these trips suddenly become unaffordable.

I love that many people on here seem to make enough money to be able to throw down an extra $30 consistently for tickets and think it’s not a big deal. That’s fantastic, I’m happy you can afford it. But for those of us that aren’t so lucky, these kinds of increases really do price us out. Getting the league to nip this kind of behavior before it reaches EPL levels is extremely important. As the saying goes, give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. And many of us can’t afford that mile.

March 24th: "Lamar Neagle retroactively awarded goal against Impact"


This makes me as retroactively happy for Pineda as I am retroactively happy for Neagle.

March 25th: "Sounders v Montreal Impact - Aftermatch Aftermath: Un Match de L'amour"

Dave Clark

"BTW does it strike anyone as odd that Sigi has been accused of both being too wishy-washy in his formations/tactics AND too rigid?"

Nope. People have made up their minds about Sigi. They will force fit any situation into what they already feel.

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