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Major Link Soccer: Rickets to Miss Seattle Fixture

Portland's first-team keeper has been suspended an extra match for performing a double fist punch with his feet.

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After the Seattle Sounders take on (beat?) the Columbus Crew this weekend, their next test will be going down to Portland in a match against the Timbers. But after Donovan Ricketts forgot he wasn't in a bouncy house or WWE ring, he found himself with a red card and now an additional suspension. That will make him inelligible for the Cascadia Cup match. Former Sounder Andrew Weber will be up in the place of Ricketts. Weber is a good reserve, but he isn't a healthy Ricketts (though to be fair, not even Donovan Ricketts is a healthy Ricketts).

The keeper the Sounders face this week should be familiar: Steve Clark was a member of Seattle's club in the preseason before being unceremoniously dealt in the aftermath of he Stefan Frei acquisition. Clark has played well so far, allowing only a goal in two matches in what is obviously a small sample size.

All the best stadiums are opened by soccer, and the Kingdome was no different. The legacy of the building was the debt that lasted far longer than the concrete it was made from, but anyone who attended games there remembers what it was like. The uncomfortable bleachers, poor sightlines, and "interesting" amenities were reason to tear it down long before the roof forced the issue. But a day like yesterdays 14th anniversary of the demolition is important to remember. You always remember your first.

If you are playing MLS Fantasy, you'd better have a few pieces of the Sounders defense. Two back-liners and our keeper were among the players receiving the most points in week 3.


While the Disciplinary Committee was tacking extras onto Ricketts' ballsy challenge, they also took another look at Toronto's Jackson, who continued some of the rough play he exhibited in Seattle a week prior. This time, he wasn't let off with a warning (though he did receive a yellow card in the game). He will also miss a match for his behavior. Compare it to Clint Dempsey's two-game foul and explain where the extra game comes from.


The Camilo saga was the closest thing to a black eye that MLS has had in at least the last three years, especially when it turned out that the club he so desperately wanted to leave for couldn't even pay him. As time goes on, Don Garber and company pull a little more of the curtain back on that whole boondoggle. More on the Don Bot: the young, virile owners in the league (Adrian Hanauer, et al) are a part of what pushes it forward.

Camilo's departure opened up a DP slot, which was quickly filled from outside the organization. Nigel Reo-Coker, who has spent time in the EPL, came to Vancouver on a lower contract with the intention of playing into a bigger one (even Designated Player-level). Funny thing is, his play in 2014 has been the worst of his MLS career to this point.

In recent years, the Miami teams have all pretty much been propped up on tax dollars. The Miami Marlins and Miami Dolphins were just the most recent examples of the public sector footing a big bill for sports. Will they do it one more time to satisfy David Beckham and his pretty darn cool stadium idea?


AC Roma is ready to move out into some new digs. Set to be situated just outside of Rome, the new building is billed as a "modern Colosseum", with lots and lots of glass. *Caution: Uncensored Stadium Porn. Not Safe For Work if your place of work is an architectural firm.*

Supposedly, Qatar is now preparing to revamp the labor policies that the rest of the problem has been in such a fuss over. The proposed changes include making the workers public (rather than private) and giving them the option to, you know, quit. Time will tell whether this is a true move or posturing intended to get the planet off of Qatar's back.

There is not a single football fan on the face of the earth who is completely satisfied with the rating of his favorite team or players in the FIFA video game series. And now they can be paid to fix all the EGREGIOUS errors that the Sports Jocks over at EA make every single year. Seriously, you can be PAID to give them feedback on the appearances and stats, or even just taking pictures of the team and their assets. Well, at least you could have if you had signed up two days ago. As of now, only the data editor position is still available. The reaction of the person who actually lands this job:


We'll miss you Psych.

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