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In the 18, Episode 2-3: Featuring Andy Rose, Chad Barrett, Brian Schmetzer

The future of Scott Levy's current project is still unknown, but we'll be posting these episodes at least until it finds a more permanent home.

You might remember that Scott Levy, the maker of "American Football", is attempting to put together a weekly Seattle Sounders show. In the first episode, we tried doing it with a more traditional studio-style element. In the second episode, he's ditched that part in order to have more footage from training and interview time. It definitely gives the show a different feel from anything out there.

Scott told me that the feedback has been very positive, but that it's still unclear if it will appeal to those beyond the core audience, people like our readers.

"Personally, I like being a bit counter to the trend of mass, shallow, "engagement" and think there's an opportunity to offer something more immersive, and to treat this team and fan base and moment as more of a collective work of art," Levy told me. "For now, however, the work reflects my belief in the general, not just insider, appeal of two basic ingredients of 'being' In the 18. 1. Getting to know the players as people and 2. seeing what they actually do for a living."

Basically, if you like what you're seeing, share it around. Ask co-workers or family members what they think and if they'd watch this. Scott is trying to do something very different here, and it would be great to see succeed.

As an added bonus here's episode three from the Toronto FC game:

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