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Sounders v Columbus - Aftermatch Aftermath - We got Crew'd

In what was the type of game made for neutral fans, Seattle got the short end of the stick after outplaying Columbus for the majority of the game, falling to the Crew 2-1 due to a stoppage time heartbreaker.

Finally a colorblind Djimi Traore receives his green card.
Finally a colorblind Djimi Traore receives his green card.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Tears is the break of my brow,

The moony tempestuous

Sitting downIn dark railyards

When to see my mother’s face

Recalling from the waking vision

I wept to understand

The trap mortality

And personal blood of earth

Which saw me in—Father father

Why hast thou forsaken me?

Mortality & unpleasure

Roam this city—

Unhappiness my middle name

I want to be saved,-

Sunk—can’t be

Won’t be

Never was made—

So retch!

On Tears - Jack Kerouac

Well that sucked. I feel like I just got dumped. I feel like I was just in a fantastic relationship that was going exceedingly well, that I was a part of something beautiful. Then something bad happened, something unintentionally bad, like I dutch-oven'd my partner thinking it'd be funny, but they took it in the worst possible way. It was never the same after that, but we were still hanging on. Then at the end, when I thought we were in the clear. I got dumped.

I'm sure the Seattle Sounders feel the same way. For 60 minutes of Saturday's game, Seattle was the rightfully in the lead, even though Columbus Crew looked great throughtout, Seattle looked better. But then it all changed when Djimi Traore got his red card and resultant penalty/goal to Federico Higuain. Blah blah blah, play for the draw, stoppage time winner for Justin Meram.

The good thing about the late start time was I didn't feel bad crawling into bed after the loss and sleeping it off. Who wants to go have a good time on a Saturday night when the Sounders just lost? Not this guy!

Anyway, onward and upward. With a vital game ahead of us next week, no point dwelling in the past. Well, except...

It's time to make like Washington and Bullets.

  • First and foremost, I want to thank Columbus for playing a flowing style of soccer and not resorting to fouls in order to stop a team defensively. It was really nice to see a game be played within MLS that was so action packed and beautiful. Too many teams rely on the "can't stop 'em, knock 'em down" tactics that we know and loathe, but for the first 60 minutes of Saturday's game, it was gorgeous. Each team had several chances to put in goals, and it's unfortunate it all got ruined.
  • This is the first time I can remember the Sounders having four CDMs on the roster: Osvaldo Alonso, Micheal Azira, Gonzalo Pineda, and Andy Rose. So with the emergence of Pineda, the youth and upside of Azira and Rose, does this make Alonso expendable? Normally I'd say no, but with his status as a DP, that puts a target on his back for value-added versus value-cost. With rumors of Didier Drogba coming to Seattle, it's obvious something would need to change in order for such a move to occur, whether it's MLS changing the rules or the departure of one of our current Designated Players. Drogba over Obafemi Martins doesn't make much sense. Drogba over Clint Dempsey doesn't make much sense after what Seattle has invested in Deuce. But if you sell Alonso, gain some Allocation Money, bring in Drogba, then you're talking about a forward/midfield lineup of Oba-Deuce-Drogba-Evans-Cooper/Pappa-Pineda, as opposed to Oba-Deuce-Neagle/Cooper/Pappa-Evans-Alonso-Pineda. It's a scary thought playing without Alonso, but the Sounders are better equipped to deal with his loss than ever before.
  • Dominic Oduro was offside on Traore's red card. Sure, Traore played around Oduro from behind and didn't get the ball. I'll concede that's a foul, and I'll conceded that Traore was the last man standing, but he didn't prevent a goal-scoring opportunity since Oduro still got a shot on goal (off Stefan Frei's face), but Oduro was offside. The AR called three offside against Seattle in the first half, all of which were legit, all of which were by less than yard, so the fact that he missed this one, the most important one, is disappointing. However, it almost would've behooved the Sounders to let Oduro score on that shot, that way Traore wouldn't've been red carded.


  • Lamar Neagle made two vital mistakes in this game. His first was his decision to shoot it from about 20 yards out, left footed, when Oba and Kenny Cooper were unmarked and making threatening runs. His second, while not exactly a mistake, was his shot right at Clark when he had all the time to place it near or far, but instead he kicked it right at the keeper. That would've put Seattle up 2-0 and essentially sealed the game. However, it was his tackle which sprung that counterattack that resulted in Seattle's goal.
  • At the point in time when Meram received the ball from the quick corner, the Sounders players were aware he had it, but not before. However, Frei readied himself at that stage. But because Meram had all that time and space to pick his shot, he chose well and was able to get the shot off before Pineda closed him down. If everything had been a half-second later, Pineda would've been there to pressure Meram and Dylan Remick would've been on the line to clear it. But they weren't. Game over.
  • Earlier I mentioned the Sounders would be scoring goals from everywhere, well, that is partially untrue. So far only forwards have scored. But so far, all the forwards have scored, except for 20 minutes of Sean Okoli and 10 minutes of Cam Weaver. Chad Barrett, Oba, Deuce, Neagle, and Cooper have all scored in the first four games. It was nice to see Cooper score tonight. He's looked great these first few games and he's earned a goal.

Some Meram stoppage-time daggers to take us home

  • When people throw stuff onto the field at Landon Donovan, he deals with it. When people throw stuff on the field at Higuain (which isn't cool guys, seriously, don't do that), it's the unraveling of civilization as we know it.
  • Speaking of Higuain, I despise it when goalscorers celebrate penalty kick goals like it was the most monumental event of their lives. Having Higuain running around laughing at the crowd was a douche move.
  • Once former/future Sounder Steve Clark looked great for Columbus. I think Seattle would've been happy with him had the Sounders chose to keep him. However, Frei again looked great.
  • It was nice to see Hector Jimenez get a yellow card for simulation. Keep it up, MLS.

Time to get Johnstone'd

Seattle and Columbus were treating us to a spectacle.


For a while it was easy. Kickin' ass and takin' names.


Everything was cool. We were having our way with them.


But it turned South fast.


Wait, what the fuck?


He barely touched him!


It's okay, we can still get out of here alive.


And just when you thought the worst was past us, it wasn't.


We were so close.


That's it. Party's over.


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