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Major Link Soccer: Player Saves Opponent's Life

And everything else you missed over the weekend.

Bradley celebrates a win and a hero
Bradley celebrates a win and a hero
Kevork Djansezian


The Sounders blog on The Seattle Times has a poll up, asking whether the blame for Seattle's loss on Saturday can be blamed more on the team, or on the PRO referee in charge of the game. The man in charge, Allen Chapman, is currently trailing the vote by about ten percent.


There were rumors last summer that Orlando, if they won their bid into MLS, would want to make a splash upon joining the league. All along, that splash has been rumored as Kaka, currently with Italian side AC Milan. At the time, they talked of a pre-arranged agreement, and Orlando City has encouraged the rumor mill. Kaka recently took to Twitter to calm things down (sort of) but we can no longer be surprised if he is wearing purple in Florida this time next year.

The latest comments out of the mouth of David Beckham might bring courage to fans of bringing in more top talent like Kaka. Turns out he isn't the biggest fan of the salary cap, saying this:


Things are really complicated in the Ukraine right now, but there's still some glorious sanity among the people of the Eastern Bloc country. When a player for Dynamo Kiev collapsed after a knee to the head, a player from the opposing Dnipro player Jaba Kankaba immediately knew there was a problem and went to work. Noticing that Kiev's Oleh Husev was choking on his own tongue, Kankaba frantically tried to clear his airway. He succeeded, though his fingers met the wrong end of a set of teeth. This guy is undoubtedly a hero, and this should rightly be in every "best plays of the year" compilation in 2014.

The weekend wasn't quite as joyous for some others in the world of soccer. First, there was another death in Brazil, where organizers are rushing to meet deadlines.

Then, there was the unfortunate death of a fan in Sweden after encountering a crew of opposing supporters. His passing resulted in the match being called at halftime.

If someone can read this Sports Illustrated article and explain to me what the new "UEFA League of Champions" is, and why it matters, that'd be great. (this is only somewhat rhetorical).

Journalists can be a petty group sometimes. I can stereotype because some of my best friends are journalists. It's no surprise that when Sunderland decided not to have "The Sun" in their locker room, "The Sun" decided to remove the "Sun" from "Sunderland". Keep an eye out for references to "derland" for the rest of the season.

Bob Bradley is the first American coach to win a game in big-time European soccer, and he was greeted by Stabaek with a fitting American tifo.

The Mexican version of the Cascadia rivalry is Chivas de Guadalajara versus Club America, but even rivalries have their off days. Club America made the derby a little lopsided as they annihilated Guadalajara 4-0.

They may not be "Real", but Athletico Madrid will meet up with Barcelona in a Champions League clash tomorrow. The two teams are at the top of the La Liga table, so it's a big one.

On this day, it was another rivalry that stole the show. (funny how a whole bunch of important rivalries happen in the span of a week). This was Boca Juniors and River Plate (only a year removed from a short-lived stay in the second division). River Plate squeaked that one out thanks to a late converted corner.


How important is form to a striker in the World Cup? American Soccer Now looks at the forms of past US forwards in relation to the current struggles of Jozy Altidore and, well, the perception of Clint Dempsey.

Berti Vogts was part of a World Cup team in the '70s, and is now a special advisor for the US team, hoping to be part of another winner (at least WE hope that).

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