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Match Week 1: Sounders Training Photos

The preseason is over. Match week 1 is upon us. Here are some photos from Tuesday's training session.

After a light day inside on Monday, the Sounders returned outdoors for training on Tuesday. And it was wet. Really wet.

It's been said a lot this year and I'll say it, too: this team just looks happy. They really seem to be enjoying what they're doing. Now that's not to say they are just messing around the entire time. But there sure are a lot of smiles out there.

My favorite moment of training actually came when it was all over and the players were making their way off the pitch. Leo Gonzalez and Dylan Remick were deep in conversation and Leo was doing most of the talking. I couldn't hear what he was telling him, but it was fairly obvious he was giving him pointers on defending. And Remick was lapping up every word he said. It was really cool to watch.

It's those little moments that I love to see and try to capture. And of course, share with all of you.

Is it Saturday, yet?

Some notes from the various pressers (per Dave Clark)

  • Oba's just excited. He still doesn't talk much still, but it's all smiles and an eagerness to make fans happy.
  • Pappa is going to be switching sides quite a bit, left/right. He knows that he isn't going to be completely free but interchanging is part of the plan.
  • Sigi's wife didn't like the hat he wore at the Pitch Black reveal. Sigi also said that Zavaleta nearly went to an NASL team, but he preferred to stay in MLS. Chivas seems likely to use him as a defender.

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