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This Week in the Comments [Horcrux Edition]

It starts off kind of meta, has some stuff you should have read and ends with something from last week that still applies this week.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

February 25th: "This Week in the Comments [Nuclear Orca Edition]"

ChadJohnson on my last comments post. Wat.

Technically, any comment that replies to another comment, such as this one, is a comment about a comment.

By contrast, your comment about comments is a commentary on comments made on a post about comments rather than on comments about comments. My comment on your comment about comments on a post about comments is thus the only instance of metaness that I see in all of these comments so far.

(Auto-correct tried to change ‘metaness’ to ‘meanness’, so that’s something.)

February 26th: "Major Link Soccer: Matias Laba is on his way to Vancouver"


He's laying low

Friberg destroyed one of his horcruxes in Sweden, and Oba got one of them during his offseason travels about Europe.

He who shall not be named must bide his time and gather strength for now.

Dave Clark with the creepy Dempsey, that's out of date.

March 3rd: "2014 Season Preview - Depth Chart"


Looks like the grounds crew really screwed up

the new turf install.

No: "No"



March 4th: "Sounders trade Alex Caskey to D.C. United"

Jackington + an extra GIF at the link.

Good luck in DC, Alex. Thanks for all the effort you gave Seattle.

Though I wish we would’ve seen more of this Caskey in his time here.

Last Week's comment of the week this week

Aaron Campeau

Where is this talk of a Joseph-Rowe swap

Because unless Jay Heaps has been kicked in the head by a mule, I don’t see the Revs going for that.

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