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Sounders reveal six full-stadium matches, tickets go on sale

Sounders will play Earthquakes, Timbers, Tottenham, Dynamo, Whitecaps and Galaxy in front of a completely open stadium.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As has been rumored for quite some time, the Seattle Sounders formally announced that their six full-stadium would include an August match against the Houston Dynamo. The Sounders also announced that the tickets for those games would go on sale now. Prices start at $18 per ticket when purchased as part of the full six-game package.

The first full-stadium game will be played May 17 against the San Jose Earthquakes. That is also expected to be the next time the Sounders use their 40th-anniversary patch, which will make its debut in Saturday's season opener.

The other five matches will be against the Portland Timbers (July 13), a friendly against Tottenham Hotspur (July 19), the Dynamo (Aug. 10), Vancouver Whitecaps (Oct. 10) and the regular season-finale against the LA Galaxy (Oct. 25).

While the match against the Dynamo may seem like an odd fit, the main reason appears to be that it's one of only a handful of home matches during the summer. The others are against teams already included in the six-match pack and the Colorado Rapids (Aug. 30). The only other game that might have made sense to include was against Real Salt Lake (Sept. 12).