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Sounders Beat Sporting KC in Stoppage Time. Again.

Photos from the Sounders and Kansas City match by Jane Gershovich (JaneGPhotography) and Mike Russell (MikeRussellFoto).

I never doubted it. Well, maybe just for a little bit. But then I remembered who the Sounders were playing.

No joke. I remember noticing the clock around the 82nd minute, and after that point started thinking which attack would lead to the certain late goal. Then when Alonso picked up that lose ball and began the counterattack, I just had a feeling that was going to be the moment (as I'm sure many people who know our history with Sporting KC also did).

But then it just became a question of who would score it? Clint Dempsey, perhaps? No, he passed to Sean Okoli. Might the rookie get his first goal in his first MLS appearance? Not to be. But oh wait, it's gonna be Dempsey! Crossbar! Seriously?? Second attempt, tries shit that doesn't work, but keeps it alive! Low and behold, probably one of the players that no one expected before today to score the game winner, Chad Barrett pounces.

This gallery is a combination of Jane Gershovich (JaneGPhotography) and my photos (MikeRussellFoto).

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