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OFF - butter and hats

This is your weekly off-topic post


We had some french toast this morning, but this is not a french toast conversation. This is a conversation about butter. Normal in our house is salted butter. I'm such a bad cook (not really) and worthless at health foods that I use this in recipes calling for unsalted as well. But today we topped the french toast with honey butter. No syrup or other sweeteners were needed.

For Thanksgiving we make a sage butter. Just typing away about it makes me want sage butter right now. It is a great complement to so many savory foods. Might have to do that as a topping for red meat.

Flavored butters can be used in a lot of ways, how do you use it.

* * *

I left my grey cadet cap at Temple Billiards. Damon was kind enough to save it. For most of my life the only cap I wore was the Army green cap with an occasional use of the desert floppy. Over the past two years I started wearing a cadet cap all the time.

I should probably branch out a bit, but I don't want to get all Garber-y with a fedora. I don't play baseball and think that it's silly to wear baseball caps. Should I fez? That's kind of dorky right?

Did I just talk myself back into a cadet cap?

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