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This Week in the Comments [#BanterZone edition]

McNarnia is back with the best comments from the rivalry week #BanterZone

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u wot m8
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April 1st: Portland Week: Early Analysis


The day you have to trot out old ass Shalrie Joseph at fwd

I’ll feel bad about who’s out.

March 31st: Caption contest: Sounders vs. Crew

Jackington: a winner is you!

If I move slow enough, maybe he won't notice me stealing it.

March 30th: Sounders v. Columbus player ratings


I really think we are seeing Oba's performances tied to Lamar's.

And with how inconsistent Lamar is that’s what we are seeing from Oba. Also there are some little things Lamar is doing like not seeing the game clearly all the time.
This shot is just unacceptable in this situation.
Here, Lamar makes a lazy run in no particular direction when he should have busted ass to the near post allowing Ozzie to make the far post run. He had a chance to pull 2 defenders away if he makes a near post run. Instead he lingers and Ozzie hits the contested header between defenders right to the keeper.
This all may sound harsh because Lamar has his moments, but we have to have killers out there. Finishers. If we want to get Oba more involved in dangerous spaces we have to improve around him. For me, in a ideal XI, Dempsey is in for Lamar and Evans for Azira.

March 30th: MLS Week 4 Round-Up


A triangle STILL has more points than the Portland Timbers :)

March 29th: Stoppage time winner for Columbus


For the record

How amazing was Ozzie tonight? I hope that doesn’t get lost in the doom and gloom of the result

The Trialist

You aren't giving Columbus enough credit

They played a good game. Most importantly, they dictated the pace. They wanted a track meet. We got sucked into playing their style rather than playing more composed soccer.

Yes, the referee screwed up on that last call. But we never should have been in that position in the first place. We aren’t scoring enough goals. In three home games this year we have scored three goals. This is a depressing continuation of last year’s campaign when we also struggled to score.

Let’s not pin this on the ref. The Sounders still aren’t firing on all cylinders. Saying the ref cost us this game masks the real issues this team has in terms of building up possession in our opponents half of the field and scoring from either the build up. That means we can only score off turnovers or from crosses. In other words we are relying more on luck than skill. Why a team full of stars seems to need luck to score is a very interesting question.



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