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This Week in the Comments [Thoroughly Dempsey'd Edition]

Welcome back to the banter zone. It's Wednesday somewhere?

u wot m8
u wot m8
Steve Dykes

April 3rd: Sounders at Portland Timbers - Three Questions


Props for showing some restraint
I would have just gone with: "You guys suck real bad (again.) Why do you suck so much?"


I'd quote Homer
Yeah, that team sure sucked last night. They just plain sucked. I’ve seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked.

--------->Sounder in NC

I must have skipped that part of The Iliad

------------------------>Go on ahead and @#$(*&@(@#$*&@#*$$@#*$^#, Dylan Vanderhoof

If this doesn't make comments of the week
Narns is dead to me.

April 5th: Timbers vs. Sounders: Clint Dempsey hat trick paves way for shocking 4-4 tie

Aaron Di Silvestro's description of the new USMNT kit is on point.

Fc Sasquatch

Last week I texted my buddy "there's no pity in draw city *clap clap*"
He got mad. Should I do it again?
Also, Dempsey won us this game. Can we end the "Dempsey was a bad decision" talk, now?

Marc Sanches

TA was chanting?
All I heard were Sounders fans.


At first I thought it was raining on my drive home after watching the game
but then I stuck my tongue out, tasted a few drops, and realized that they were just Paulson’s tears.


if we could have a draw of the year
this would be the game that would win that award.



1. Porter gameplan was as good as Sigis, Sigi subs were exactly the right play though (porter outcoached?)
2. This is the Neagle we love. Coming in against tired defenders, going both ways, holding possession and making smart plays. He is a tremendous sub
3. I didnt think I would miss Traore. Dunno what to think now. One thing is Anibaba was great on corners. But bad mistakes cant happen no matter whos back there.
4. Marshall is going to score. Soon.
5. Oba will get his.
6. Center Mids caught chasing too much.
7. How did that game end 11v11?
8. Will Johnson still sucks

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