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Where is Clint Dempsey best deployed? is mainly talking about the United States national team, but a lot of this is applicable to the Sounders as well.

Simon Borg is absolutely convinced that Clint Dempsey is a scorer and virtually nothing else, at one point asking "when was the last time you said 'oh what a great pass'?" That leads to a rather hilarious moment when Jason Saghini responds "well, last game." But Borg does make a larger point that's worth addressing...

Are the Sounders misusing Dempsey as a playmaker?

Based on his performance against the Portland Timbers, I'm skeptical. Most of the Sounders' offense ran directly through Dempsey during the final 15 minutes and he was absolutely dominant. Yes, his best moments came when he was scoring, but he was also 10-for-11 passing during that time and had one of those "Oh what a great pass" moments when he chipped it to Obafemi Martins at the back post.

Why, yes, this is an excuse to share Likkit's amazing gif again.


I did have a point, though. While Dempsey might not be a classic 10, the idea that he's miscast as a playmaker seems a tad ... ridiculous.

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