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MLS Week 6 Round-up

Seattle is now 3rd in the West and 4th overall after six games played. Here's a recap of what happened on the pitch in week six. There is snark.

German Alegria/Chivas USA-USA TODAY Sports

Week six action saw 20 goals in nine games with four shutouts. There were no reds, not a one. That's odd.

Here are the Western Conference playoff teams from which includes the new tie-breakers.

1 FC Dallas 13 6 2.17 4 1 1 15 9 6 10 3 5 3
2 Colorado Rapids 10 5 2 3 1 1 8 5 3 4 1 4 2
3 Seattle Sounders FC 10 6 1.67 3 2 1 12 10 2 3 -1 9 3
4 Real Salt Lake 10 6 1.67 2 0 4 10 6 4 4 3 6 1
5 Vancouver Whitecaps 8 6 1.33 2 2 2 8 6 2 7 3 1 -1
6 LA Galaxy 7 4 1.75 2 1 1 5 2 3 1 0 4 3
7 Chivas USA 6 6 1 1 2 3 7 11 -4 4 -2 3 -2
8 Portland Timbers 4 6 0.67 0 2 4 8 11 -3 7 0 1 -3
9 San Jose Earthquakes 2 4 0.5 0 2 2 5 7 -2 5 -1 0


Philadelphia Union v Real Salt Lake - After the 2-2 draw both sides now have drawn 50% or more of their matches. That's kind of silly, as both are in the Playoff hunt. Sabario missed a PK. Some guy named Mulholland scored first for RSL. New Philly man Wenger scored, which surprised Montreal fans. Then Beckerman was mazing. Seriously, watch him be awesome. At one point Edu was going to be paid really well. He's not a millionaire. He still scored. Maurice was hardly marked. This is good watching if you have MLS Live.

Toronto FC v Colorado Rapids - You probably think of TFC as being great. They are, except when they aren't. Like those times when they don't have half their starting lineup. Even at home they can't possess the ball. Buddle won the game (1-0) for the Rapids, meaning he scored. Some people had to watch this game. Feel bad for them.

Montreal Impact v Chicago Fire - Both teams entered the game without a win. They left the game without a win. Draw City East and Draw City Canada are both pretty awful. Hurtado was embarrassing and McInerney pounced. Philly was surprised. Amarikwa leveled it at 1-1 late. He's now one-third of their offense; his name is Quincy.

New England Revolution v Houston Dynamo - Houston entered the game without a tie. They decided that they didn't need points on the road so lost 2-nil. Alston scored his first ever MLS goal which is AWESOME. You may remember that he missed time with cancer last year. Benston finally scored too. The Revs have less than a goal a game. They aren't very good.

D.C. United v New York Red Bulls - The amazingly awful Red Bulls lost to DC! Eddie still hasn't scored. Arnaud put one in early and United coasted in front of 12 fans. Of interest to you is that Caskey played. Don't watch this one.

Portland Timbers v Chivas USA - Draw City USA drew again. They took a lead behind the lesser Johnson.But can that team hold off Cubo Torres for 83 minutes? No, they can't. Also, Draws Eisley struggled to score against a team starting Zavaleta at CB. Porterball didn't work. They were the lesser passing side and the lesser possession side. You should find this on ROOT Sports to take some joy in 1-1.

LA Galaxy v Vancouver Whitecaps - This was kind of entertaining, as long as you ignore Keane scoring to put LA up 1-0. As usual the Galaxy are pretty good. The 'Caps are basically what they always are - a 1.33 PPM team. After a few years in the league their mediocrity is obvious.

San Jose Earthquakes v Columbus Crew - This 1-1 draw is a reminder that players of Higuain and Wondolowski's quality should be marked. Neither did. People pay to watch San Jose. Don't pay to watch San Jose. At least not until they recall Fucito.

Former Sounder of the Week

  1. Eriq Zavaleta - Congrats on helping hold Draw City to a single goal.
  2. Mauro Rosales - No assist, no goal. Don't care.
  3. Kevin Alston - No. He's not a Sounder. I don't care. Thanks for showing us all what remission can mean.
To the six Eastern Conference teams that are averaging a goal or less a game, we salute you. To the eight teams that draw 50% of their games or more, step up. Play some soccer.

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