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Sounders v Dallas - Aftermatch Aftermath: Deuce drops a deuce on Big D

The game in which Seattle beat Dallas 3-2 in a tornado.

LOL we have no idea what we are doing
LOL we have no idea what we are doing
Cooper Neill

I do not know which to prefer,

The beauty of inflections

Or the beauty of innuendoes,

The blackbird whistling

Or just after.

Verse V - "Thirteen Way of Looking at a Blackbird," Wallace Stevens

It was the best of halves, it was the worst of halves. For the second week in a row the Seattle Sounders treated its fans to a whirlwind of a game. Which we totally won! After a stormy first half in which the Sounders battled the first place FC Dallas and the elements, the men in green were surprisingly only down by one, after Stefan Frei let it in a bit of a laugher and Michel celebrated a penalty kick goal scored off the post by making sweet, sweet love the wind, which totally makes sense.

But two different teams showed up in the second half. Where once was a meek team being dominated by a powerful team, now there was a meek team being dominated by a powerful team. Huh. Buoyed by a Stephen Keel own goal, Clint Dempsey scored a lovely 85th minute goal off a nifty little one-two with Chad Barrett. More late goals. More late heroics! Don't stop believing!

How much of a factor was the wind in this? Hard to say. But who cares! Let's take those 3 points and head on down to the slumping Chivas USA, who to date are 1-2-3 after their late goal draw in Portland.

The werewolves are coming. Time to get your silver bullets

  • Raise your hand if you're happy the Sounders have Clint Dempsey? Now if you're one of the fans who never lost faith in the Deuce after his 2013 rocky beginnings, pat yourself on the back with that raised hand. If you're one of the fans who said he was done and washed up, slap yourself across the face with that hand, because you were wrong. If for some reason you didn't raise your hand in the first place, then you'll probably get a kick out of this video. But Captain Clint now has six goals this year. Six goals in six games. Six goals in four games played. I jokingly said last week Dempsey could score 50 goals this season. While that's not really feasible, don't look now, but if he keeps up this pace of a goal every 50 minutes, well, it'd be nice to knock Wondolowski off his perch. That free kick he scored was sublime. Nobody saves that. And now the rest of the MLS knows that if you foul Seattle anywhere near the 18, well, that's what could happen. However, it wasn't called a goal until Obafemi Martins knocked the ball back in, which after the fact, was awarded to the Dempsey kick. That means if Oba hadn't pounced on that rebound, that goal might not have ever been called and we'd be having much different reactions to this game. Ask England and Frank Lampart how that feels.
  • This was the third game in a row in which Seattle had gifted the opposition two goals. While some of the blame can be put on the defense, a lot of the issue comes from the midfield and its lack of Brad Evans. Since Evans got his calf kicked against Toronto, the Sounders have allowed 10 goals in five games, most of which were preventable. Against FC Dallas, Osvaldo Alonso and Gonzalo Pineda oftentimes occupied the same space, or marked the same man. Is Evans truly that vital to our defense? Yes. It's abundantly clear that Seattle has room to improve in its defensive half. And when they do? Goodness, they'll be having more fun than a goat on a trampoline.
  • For the second game (third?) in a row, Deandre Yedlin had been victimized by the opposition's attack. How much of that can be put on the second year fullback and how much of that is by formation design, I'm not entirely sure. To be fair to Yedlin, he's had to face Darlington Nagbe and Fabian Castillo. But what I don't want are for his chances at going to Brazil to be hampered by this stretch of games. The foul to draw the penalty was unnecessary, but I can see it not being called in other weeks. Here's what Yedlin had to say on the matter:
  • For as much as Frei was the goat for his first half gaffe, he was the hero of the match when it came down to the wire. Two huge saves secured the victory for Seattle. The Swiss has at times looked pedestrian, fumbling rebounds and allowing less than stellar shots in as goals, but then he pulls out these ridiculous saves. As a fan I was glad to see him put that mistake behind him and move on.

How about some Castillo shanks to take us home

  • The FC Dallas fans, or whoever showed up to that game, they were doing the wave. The goddamn wave. It's 2014! That's why Dallas lost.
  • That and that stupid dance by Michel. Congrats on hitting the post on a penalty shot and having it go in, Michel, you're the best, you stupid loser.
  • Record setting (for Seattle) 8 yellow cards in that game.
  • Could've been 8 yellow cards and 1 red card, but for some reason Juan Guzman didn't see fit to send Lamar Neagle off after an egregious first half tackle whilst on a yellow.
  • Two seasons in a row the Sounders have defeated 1st place Dallas. Last year the Hoops (the Toros? The Burn?) went on a tailspin after their loss to Seattle. What's in store for them this year?
  • Chad Marshall has been seriously unlucky to not score after another great header.
  • Seattle has scored 12 goals in 6 games. That's a scoring rate I like.
  • Sounders are +4 with Marco Pappa on the pitch for them over his last two games.

Gifs? Gifs!

Seattle and Dallas prepared to play in lovely Texas springtime conditions.


What the actual fuck, Frei? You weren't even close!


God, Frei, can't you do anything right?


Gonna be one of those games, is it?


Oh man, what a freekick goal by Dempsey!


Just how he planned it.


That was a good first half for Dallas, now they just hope to hang on.


Then Keel has to go and ruin everything for them.


Another Dempsey goal! OMG!


See, Keel? We don't need your fuckin' handouts.


Oh Clint Dempsey, he so cool. Ain't nothin' nobody can do about it.


Whoa! Cool hands by Frei saves the day.


Another day, another win.


Thanks for the points, Dallas!


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