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Clint Dempsey's second goal is this week's 'Fast and Fluid' play breaks down what was easily one of the best executed goals of the season.

We've talked about it already, but it's worth repeating: The Seattle Sounders' game-winning goal was really freaking great. Clint Dempsey's finish -- as Kasey Keller made sure to note -- was not particularly hard, he basically needed to make sure to get his foot on the ball and keep it on frame. But everything that led up to that point was absolutely gorgeous.

The video above does a good job of breaking down the various elements that went into Dempsey's sixth goal of the season. By the end of it, seven different Sounders had touched the ball on the sequence and there were eight passes required to make it happen.

Just in case you feel as though the video doesn't entirely capture the full sequence the way you'd like it to -- the 'Fast and Fluid' video leaves out a key pass from Osvaldo Alonso -- check out the gif LikkitP made from the full feed:


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