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Major Link Soccer: Live and Let Foul

Seattle is setting team records for fouls drawn. How long can it last?

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One of my great shames in life is how long it takes me to get through a TV show on Netflix. I've been on Dexter for five months! So while I am not familiar with the context behind this Sounders mention on "Parks and Recreation", it does give me reason to slog through two more seasons of Michael Hall looking smug or threatening as quickly as possible. I've heard nothing but good things about Parks and Rec, and clearly the internet loves it. Or is that "Community"?

It isn't a Seattle-specific link, but Massive Report took a look at the value each fanbase gets for their dollar. The theory is that by looking at the average amount of money spent on the roster and dividing it by the average price of season tickets, one can figure out how much tickets in MLS should be worth relative to each other. It is an imperfect setup, considering things like the comparative quality or income level of cities, supply/demand, and other factors. Regardless, it found that we in Seattle get the biggest bang for our buck (likely a recent development dated around the time of Clint Dempsey).

The number of fouls the Sounders have been victim to has been a hot topic this season, and The Seattle Times has been running the numbers. If things continue the way they are, the team will be fouled about 700 times this season. That is almost certainly an unsustainable number, but it is still shocking that each of the three single-game records for fouls against Seattle have come in this seven game stretch to start the season.

Sounders teams participated in two tournaments last week, including the U-15s in the Dr Pepper Dallas Cup (2nd in Group F) and the Generation Adidas Cup for the U-17 squad (tied for 2nd in Group A).

Also from the Times, we all like seeing Portland lose, but there should be no question that fans up here are happier to see Seattle at second in the West than they are to see the Timbers at eighth.


I don't imagine many people who regularly read this space are great fans of Aurelien Collin. Those many people won't likely be broken up to hear that Collin sustained an injury in Sporting Kansas City's 4-0 Poutining of the Montreal Impact Saturday. While I would never wish an injury on a player, I'm not above hoping that one already sustained lingers for a little while, just long enough for their team to drop a few more points. According to a postgame interview, Collin isn't expected to miss time.

David Beckham went on the offense somewhat last week, fighting back against PortMiami's complaints concerning Beckham's proposed Miami stadium location. In explaining why the spot his group has its eyes set on is so important, Beckham revealed that his group is willing to put down an extra 50 million dollars to make it work downtown, rather than at alternative spots like near the Miami Marlins stadium. The mayor of Miami concurred, saying that the location is a reflection of how he wants people to see their city. He also minimized the port's complaints in a saga that seems more and more similar to Seattle's own arena struggle by the day.

Nick Rimando wasn't even expected to be in goal for Real Salt Lake after working to return to fitness from an MCL injury. Thursday was the first he had practiced with the team. Then all he does is step out on the pitch and nearly single-handedly preserve three points for his team against some stiff shots. MVP?

Professionalism: You either have it...

Or you don't... (To be fair to Robbie Russell, getting up on TV or radio is REALLLLLLLLY tough)


If you are headed to the World Cup this summer, here are a few things you should keep in mind (like making sure you have up-to-date passports AND visas).

Fans of the Women's National Team won't have to wait long to meet their new leader; a new head coach should be announced by mid-May.

US Soccer President Sunil Gulati is working to tamp down expectations as Jurgen Kilnsmann and co march to Brazil. His message, summed up: "We can go crazy if we get through the group stage".


There are plenty of great players worldwide who don't get to compete in the UEFA Champions League each year. For example, Wayne Rooney and the rest of the Manchester United roster will be watching on the tele. You know who won't be watching from afar? Fredy Montero.

Part of that has to do with United's relative mediocrity this season, losing to Everton and Liverpool twice each for the first time in the history of the club at top-flight.

Meanwhile, their cross-city rivals may be making a move for the services of the world's best player. Can you imagine Lionel Messi in baby blue? I don't want to, unless it means a loan to NYCFC in a few years.

Crowdfunding team finances should be technically feasible in many states in the USA, including Washington.

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