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Major Link Soccer: Seahawks Will Overlap in Playoffs

There's a high probability that we'll see football lines on the field again this year.

Not to alarm, but we could see this again
Not to alarm, but we could see this again
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies to all for lateness this morning. Our offices (aka my apartment) had a server issue (the internet was down) and so I wasn't able to publish this when it was meant to be. Any gruel you may have sent to my room for past entries will be repaid in full. There are also some missing links which will still be linked.


Here's Mike Gastineau's "Seattle Soccer Talk from Tuesday night, the highlight of which was a great, long segment with Brian Schmetzer. Other guests include Joshua Mayers of the Seattle Times and some expansion talk with Steven Goff of the Washington Post.

The schedule for the Seattle Seahawks is out, and folks who hate football lines on soccer pitches may need to pull out their pitchforks and enucleation kits. The Seahawks will play at home Sunday October 12, less than two days after a Cascadia clash with Vancouver. That one might not cause a problem, but the Seahawks are scheduled to play at home both on November 2nd and 9th. These dates would almost certainly interfere with the first round of the MLS Playoffs. The only other date that could come into conflict would be a Seahawks home game against the Arizona Cardinals on November 23rd, a potential weekend for a leg of the Western Conference Final. Guess we can be envious of the new Atlanta team in one way: their owner has proclaimed that they will NEVER have to play on American Football lines.

The Reign don't have to worry so much about football lines (though they are present at Memorial Stadium. They don't have to worry much about anything: After knocking off the previous number two in Ive's Power Poll, You can bet they'll be the new king for a while.

Most folks thought that Clint Dempsey's time at Fulham was a stinking pile of West Ham, but Jurgen Klinsmann is looking back now and believes that his loan play is leading to his fantastic form today.

Catch up with Justin Solomon (Academy alum) and Jordan Morris (Future Academy Alum) in this pair of interviews.


They may be preying on weak teams, but the New York Red Bulls seem to have something of a thing going.  (I feel like I should have a symbol for where sentences sound funny on purpose). A week ago the Red Bulls were winless, but two consecutive midweek wins over the Philadelphia Union and last night's 4-0 humiliation of the Houston Dynamo puts them up near the top of the Eastern Conference for the first time this year. Supporters of last year's Supporter's Shield winners are starting to smell some hope in the air, and not as much of whatever else there is to smell in New Jersey.

With the faux New York team starting to pick up steam, NYC FC is starting to look hard at the players they want to bring in for their inaugural year. Sebastian Le Toux became the first MLS Sounder in May the year before MLS First Kick 2009. If NYCFC follows a similar timeline, they should be making an announcement like Mix Diskerud any day now. They also have secured temporary training grounds, though work on a home of their own is "at infancy stage". As coach of the expansion team, Jason Kreis is toeing the company line, saying how THRILLED he is that the team is playing in a baseball stadium that is admittedly a well-known location in the city of New York.

How would you grow US Soccer?

LA Galaxy players don't like byes, and seemingly would prefer to just play once a week throughout the season to keep a rhythm. They're going to have to fight about that with their own coach, who seems to vehemently disagree.

The USA has had some issues creating homegrown playmakers, and that has been reflected on the attacking talent in MLS. Soccerwire has the scoop.

The video below shows how the new Atlanta stadium will hide the upper deck for soccer matches. Such Technology. Much Graphics. Watch closely or you might miss it.


Hey look, it is our old friend Rafa Marquez. How are you doing Rafa? Hey man, I saw that play you had for Leon. You've got to be more careful Rafa. Hey Rafa, why are you walking behind me? Please don't run at me like that Rafa. NO CLEATS IN THE FACE RAFA!


Cruz Azul won the Champions League Final over Toluca, earning them the trophy, bragging rights, and a trip to the Club World Cup. It's easy to miss those days...

The berths for next year's competition haven't yet been fully fleshed out. 15 are confirmed, including all four of the MLS slots. However, Canada and Mexico still have champions to name.


Mere weeks away from winning their first top-flight championship in nearly 25 years, Liverpool has unveiled their plans to expand and renovate the grounds at Anfield. It'll be hard to be a fan of an English team the way I am of Seattle's, but the year Liverpool has had is steering me their way as a de facto EPL choice. Too mainstream?


12:05pm Benfica vs Juventus (ESPN3)

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