Graphic: Sounders vs. Rapids

The Sounders face the Colorado Rapids on Saturday, which means it is time for another graphic highlighting key players and stats leading up to the game.

What's new on this graphic?

At the top, I incorporated team strengths and weaknesses -- taken from The site thinks the Sounders have a ton of strengths and a ton of weaknesses, while they sure don't think Colorado has many strengths or weaknesses at all.

There's now a section for where the teams stand on the MLS Power Ranking list. Toward the bottom, you can find team fouls committed and fouls against each team (per game, on average). While the Sounders are close to the Rapids on fouls committed, we sure have a disparity on fouls against. That surprises nobody.

Finally, the teams' most recent match-ups and the record from their last 6 games are highlighted at the bottom. I apologize about including the 5-1 game from last year. Let's all forget about that one, okay?

Other thoughts

I'm really hoping that either Oba, Cooper, or Neagle score this weekend, as their two-goal tie is really messing with the aesthetic of the graphic.

On the Rapids side, you'll notice one familiar face. Or, rather, one familiar set of hair. I'm insanely jealous of Marc Burch's ability to play 90 minutes and still have such gorgeous hair.

Let me know what else you'd like to see in the future.

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