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Red and White, Black and Blue - NASL Sounders Ad

"Playing the game to win. That's the name of the game." Someone thought this would sell soccer in Seattle. Sometimes the success of the NASL is a bit surprising. Aren't all games played to win?

Earlier this week a former television advertisement for the NASL Sounders popped onto YouTube. It shows the wonderful uniforms of the era. It's clear the target audience is America. Rather than promote The Beautiful Game, the advert pushes the idea of effort and bruises.

This is about America - red, white, blue and some black. Black and blue. Bruising and effort. It is a coming of age of the sport. It is America.

Soccer Sounders Style.

The Red, White, Black and Blue is not Sounders specific. That's rather confusing, but instead it was a call-out of the NASL at the time. Eventually Team America, an attempt to capture even more America, would take that slogan as their colors. Team America failed shortly before the whole league failed. Red and White, Black and Blue went the way of disco.

Soccer didn't fail. We know our history. The NASL failed soccer. Pro soccer made it's comeback with the APSL/A-League and then MLS continued the resurgence. Pro soccer in America is now three tiers and 38 teams deep. Two foreign leagues get strong ratings (Liga MX and EPL). The national tournament is in its 101st year.

Soccer Sounders Style isn't just about bruising effort any more. MLS isn't really either. Now, beauty sells.

Jose from 8-Bit Sports re-imagined Soccer Sounders Style. In thirty-five years or so someone will need to do it again, this time there won't be any silly gaps in the pro era.

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