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Sounders FC continue to dominate

Clint Dempsey, Lamar Neagle and Obafemi Martins combine for another thrilling win. The Colorado Rapids can't withstand Seattle onslaught.

Mike Russell Foto

After forty-five minutes of probing and feeling out the Seattle Sounders FC attack came alive in the first minute of stoppage. Clint Dempsey exploded up the pitch just after stoppage time in the first half was announced. In on goal his no-angle shot was just tapped out. Lamar Neagle pounced on the block and slammed it into the net.


In the second half there is no need for probing. The opposition is known. They are weak. They are beatable. There is no need to feel things out any longer. Dempsey, Martins, Pappa, Neagle explode forward. The men in green are on target. A mere keeper will not stop them.

Clint Irwin's feeble saves are not enough. His saves are goal scoring opportunities. Clint Dempsey scores his first.


The funship is taking off. Street tricks are commonplace. Dempsey and Oba look to each other constantly. Pappa and Neagle are included, but as often as possible the two high-priced DPs connect.

Seattle earns another corner. Gonzalo Pineda serves it long. Chad Marshall is where he always is - above the defense and aiming at goal. His header is right to Deuce. Deuce chips Irwin with his head.


Colorado starts time wasting. They stand over dead ball situations slowing things down except for one rapid counter when Dillon Serna prevents them from Bronco-ing and getting completely embarrassed.


Obafemi Martins is hungry. He was involved, but not in the boxscore. The team tries to satisfy him. He and Dempsey work into space. They can not be stopped. Crowds will not contain them. Crowds will help them. The street play continues.

Neagle takes a throw-in to spring Oba. Clint is at the top of the box. Irwin has to account for both of them. He does neither. Martins nets his third. The league's best offense is powered by Oba and Clint. They now have contributed to 16 of 18 of Seattle's goals.

It has begun

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