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Clint Dempsey highlight reel because of course

Just in case you wanted a quick and easy thing to show all your friends how awesome Dempsey was on Saturday.

Clint Dempsey is on another level right now. And yes, we were saying that three weeks ago, two weeks and last week, too. But, seriously, his performance on Saturday was, like, a whole OTHER level. Maybe he's been more dominant, and that final 15 minutes against Portland qualifies. He's also had more of an overall influence on games, like against FC Dallas. But this was the kind of game you really only see in video games.

The spin moves, the back-heels, the no-look passes and looping headers. They were all things that you'd more likely see as a compilation of highlights for the soccer equivalent of an And-1 mixtape. But this was all in one game.

Luckily, someone over at MLS HQ decided it would be a good idea to compile all his best moments into one easily accessible video. It is attached above. You should watch it, unless you hate fun, and puppies, and rainbows, and unicorns and other things that make the world a better place. In that case, definitely don't watch it. But still, share it. Other people aren't as mad about everything as you.

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