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This Week In The Comments - Hunchpunch edition

Three weeks in a row of Hunchpunch dominance.

Otto Greule Jr

April 24th: Sounders v Colorado Rapids - Three Questions


Two weeks in a row without the "Sigi hot seat" question

I…I just don’t know anymore.


I think Frei will spend more time on the right side of the goal so I would move him a little bit

April 26th: Sounders FC continue to dominate


April 27th: Sounders vs. Rapids: Highlights, stats and quotes


Are opposing coaches eligible for comments of the week?

"Pablo Mastroeni – Colorado Rapids Head Coach

"I think the fact that they scored four goals definitely helped in their result."

April 27th: MLS Week 8 standings and stats



I have a haiku

O, Merritt Paulson,usually flamboyant,now nary a tweet.

April 27th: Sounders v. Colorado player ratings


In Scott's ratings...

…Neagle is tied with Pappa as the lowest-rated midfielder (and rated lower than both forwards), despite Neagle scoring the opening goal. Week after week, I see people saying that Neagle is getting some huge home-town boost in the rankings, and I’m sure that some like him more because of that, but it’s not like anyone is pointing to Neagle as the key to the team. His weaknesses are pointed out every week—it’s hardly a new criticism that he plays direct and has a lot of turnovers. Most (all?) would argue that a fit Evans should start over Neagle at RM in a game like today’s. Many have argued that Pappa should play over Neagle. Probably Neagle’s biggest supporters rank him as a tactical option that you might use instead of Pappa if you are looking for more work rate on defense. His start today was really over Cooper, and I like Cooper, but as a wide midfielder, I don’t know that either is hands down the better option. I wouldn’t have complained if Cooper got the start and Neagle sat, but Neagle played and it worked fine. (Though it seemed to work better with Neagle on the left and Pappa on the right.)

Further, it seems a little silly to say that Neagle doesn’t seem capable of playing this level of soccer when the team has been playing well with him on the field (2 PPG, best in all of MLS), and he has 3 goals and 3 assists early on in the season. If he kept up this pace, he’d end the season around 12 goals and 12 assists—those are Montero numbers and Neagle has been playing primarily out of the midfield. I think he deserves credit for starting out the season well, even though I wouldn’t always start him with everyone healthy.

April 29th: Sounders, Reign both sitting atop the tables

Dave Clark

Sounder at Heart

has a specific meaning to me. It is basically impossible for it to mean more to anyone else than it does to me. When it started nearly six years ago there was no assumption that it would succeed in the ways that it has. I saw a need for a blog about a team and region that I love. They share a name. There were even times when I thought this may be more a lifestyles blog than a soccer blog. That is still hinted at in the description of what the site is;

Sounder at Heart is a blog about the Seattle Sounders FC, with occasional forays into Democracy in Sports, Roster Management, Soccer Analytics and Life in Puget Sound. We are not the official Sounders blog. Our use of memes and inside jokes makes that pretty obvious.

Some of that life in Puget Sound is about the Reign, about the UW, about Beer, about Speculative Fiction, about the Pumas, Crossfire and so many other things. It is clear that the focus here is on the Sounders FC, our MLS team. But there will be other conversations. You do not have to read these. They are not the focus of what the blog is now, nor will they ever be. But they will exist. It’s part of being a Sounder. It’s about more than just Seattle. We have a common culture and there are soccer things in that culture that are not directly Sounders FC related.

If you do not like the subject matter of a particular post (say the Seattle Reign) you are not forced to read it. But you are also not welcome to tell others that they can not enjoy that topic, or that it is unwelcome here. Just as if someone came into a Sounders Academy recap and stated that since it wasn’t about the MLS team it didn’t belong on Sounder at Heart they would be trolling the assumption will be the same about other things that fit our joint culture as Sounders.

In the future those comments will just be immediately removed. There will be no response from editors, writers, photogs or mods. It just will no longer exist. If you have editorial suggestions for coverage you can email myself or Jeremiah with those suggestions. When we have our next Live Q&A we may ask for input about some of those suggestions. Derailing a story about the Reign to get into an argument over whether merely covering them is worthwhile is no longer welcome. We will not become a community that trolls itself.

I am not a fan. I am not a supporter. I am a Sounder.
So are you. Being a Sounder is not just about soccer, but it is clearly our unifying trait here.

Thank you.

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