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MLS Gamethread: Week 5

The (other) action starts at 1:00, with New York visiting Montreal.

Just remembered both of these teams have new coaches. CRAZY.
Just remembered both of these teams have new coaches. CRAZY.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS Gamethread post may be entirely useless this week. Seriously, who among you will come here after the Sounders claim victory in Portland? You'll all be drinking through sheer happiness. And if they lose, you'll be drowning your sorrows, uninterested in the games of others. And a tie? There may still be drinking from the sheer mediocrity of it! Beer is this thread's worst enemy, at least until people click on the link and show up here. Then, beer is MLS Gamethread's best friend. What am I even talking about any more?

  • The home team will always be the one named first
  • Bold parenthesis indicate where to find the match in question.
  • Normal parenthesis are my match picks.
  • All times are Pacific Standard.
  • Clicking on the team name will lead you to that team's SB Nation blog, where you can get a more in-depth look at lineups and matchups.
  • Posts about the quality (or lack thereof) to be found in other MLS rivalries will be flagged this week.
  • Let me know if there are things you'd like to see change in our/my coverage. We may be omnipotent, but we also like to throw a few wrenches in to screw with you gals and guys.



12:00PM Chivas USA-LA Galaxy (UniMas) (LA)


One of the bigger "other" rivalries in the league now is Houston vs Dallas in the "Texas Derby (presented by Novo Nordisk)". (Did you see that sponsorship thing at the end of the title? That's what would have happened if MLS got a hold of the rights to "Cascadia Cup"). Oscar Pareja's Dallas has yet to lose a game, but Dallas' record in the year-to-year contest isn't great. On the other side, Houston's form in their first two games didn't carry over to their contest with Vancouver. With as hot as they came out of the gates, it is fair to ask whether or not their early success was a flash in the pan. Dallas has scored at least twice in all but one of their four games, but Houston has only allowed two goals once in the early going. One team will be awarded "El Capitan" after this contest. Unless they tie, in which case I have no idea what happens to the giant cannon.
Prediction: HOU

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