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Sounders v Timbers - Aftermatch Aftermath: Draw City draws in Draw City

The Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers kicked off the 2014 Cascadia Cup with a cracker of a game. It should've come with a warning prior to viewing from the American Heart Association.

Anibaba recreates Michelangelo's Creation of Adam
Anibaba recreates Michelangelo's Creation of Adam
Steve Dykes

Thy days are done, thy fame begun;

Thy country's strains record

The triumphs of her chosen Son,

The slaughter of his sword!

The deeds he did, the fields he won,

The freedom he restored!

Though thou art fall'n, while we are free

Thou shalt not taste of death!

The generous blood that flow'd from thee

Disdain'd to sink beneath:

Within our veins its currents be,

Thy spirit on our breath!

Thy name, our charging hosts along,

Shall be the battle-word!

Thy fall, the theme of choral song

From virgin voices pour'd!

To weep would do thy glory wrong:

Thou shalt not be deplored.

Thy Days Are Done – Lord Byron

Saturday's rivalry match between your Seattle Sounders and the hated Portland Timbers was undoubtedly the most exciting game ever between the two MLS teams. There were highs, there were lows. At times it appeared the sky was falling, but Sigi and company righted the ship, coming back from 2-1 and 4-2 deficits to leave Draw City with a hard earned point.

It's not often draws for the Sounders feel like victories, but this one did. The news that the Seattle locker room was enjoying themselves post match while the Timbers locker room was silent and probably filled with rotten egg sandwiches stinking up the place tells you everything you need to know.

I've mentioned to you the Act structure of stories, be they films, plays, books, but that's exactly how Saturday's match played out. Act 3 couldn't've been sweeter, with the silence and stillness of the Timbers fans in Providence Park, colloquially known as tiny PP, juxtaposed to the raccuous singing of brave, traveling ECS and other Seattle fans.

What a game. What a team. Let's hope the Sounders take the momentum from crushing the hopes and dreams of their rivals and continue on this merry ride.

Time to tomahawk like a Roger Rabbit bullet

  • I don't know if you guys noticed, but Clint Dempsey scored a hat trick! And he did it after going 90 for the USMNT on Wednesday. Apparently Gonzalo Pineda was first man up to take the resultant tying penalty, but he graciously acquiesced to Captain Clint. That gives Deuce 4 goals in 210 minutes, which is an average of one goal each 52 minutes and 30 seconds. If he maintains that average (and why wouldn't he, right?) that's 49 more goals over the remaining 29 games. Can we see MLS's first 50 goal season? Hell, I'll settle for 30.
  • Tough first start for Jalil Anibaba, who was playing for the suspended Djimi Traore. Diego Valeri scored his goal with Anibaba marking him, then it was his poor marking and inability to step up and pressure Diego Chara that allowed the league-leader in fouls to score his second goal of the game, and to top it off, it was Anibaba who Maximiliano Urruti stripped and shoved on the way to Portland's 4th goal. Rough go of it for the young defender. However, amidst all that, Anibaba nearly scored two goals. It was his shot Kenny Cooper poached, but I reckon it would've gone in regardless of Cooper's touch. His second chance hit Obafemi Martins, who inadvertently deflected it wide.
  • Both Micheal Azira and Gonzalo Pineda looked relatively poor on the pitch, which lead to Portland dominating the midfield battle at times. Pineda especially repeatedly gave the ball away in midfield, which directly resulted in Chara's first goal. Though to be fair to both, Ariza had the long cross that Chad Marshall nearly headed in if not for Andrew Weber's Save of the Week candidate, and Pineda had the long ball to the wing that sprung Lamar Neagle leading to Seattle's third goal.
  • This was a very polarizing game for Sigi Schmid, with both the SigiOut and SigiIn crowd getting a fair argument. Should the Sounders have adjusted earlier with their midfield? Yes. Did Sigi's substitutions make the difference in the game? Yes. It was all Sounders after Neagle came on for Cooper and Marco Pappa came on for Azira.
  • Had you asked me prior to the game if I'd be happy with a draw, I'd reluctantly say yes. Ask the same thing of a Timbers supporter and you'd probably hear the same response. But the way it went down, one fanbase was happy while the other was probably dealing with a little heartbreak. Seattle now stands in first in the Cascadia Cup standings, with Portland coming in at second. You have to go all the way down to the 7th tie-breaker to figure this one out, with disciplinary points coming into play (Seattle had three yellows to Portland's four).

Some studs-up Kah lunges to take us home

  • Clint Dempsey is tied for the league-lead in goals. Obafemi Martins is the sole league-leader in assists. Goals goals goals.
  • For all his first half troubles, Yedlin saved a goal off the line and drew the game-tying penalty.
  • Andrew Weber made two saves of the week. Nice to see him find some success after Seattle. Not nice to see it against Seattle.
  • Diego Valeri tried to hack at Alonso from behind and as a result kneed Ozzie in the hip. The resultant bruise was huge and it drew blood. I loved seeing him punished for attempting such a cheap shot.
  • Early yellows didn't stop the game from being played aggressively, but it did prevent it from blowing up, as we've seen in the past. Are you watching, other MLS refs?
  • Did you guys notice Steve Zakuani played?

Let's be real, you came for the gifs

Rivalry Week! YES!


Who knows how this match will go.


Alright, let's do this guys, we got thi- 3rd minute goal!


They tied it already?


And now Portland's winning?


At least we just tied it up.


OMG it's all going wrong!


Seriously, no! Stop, please!


And there goes Will Johnson being a dick again.


Just when Seattle was up shit-creek, Captain Clint saves the day.


Suck it, Portland!


Thanks for the point, you dumb idiots!


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