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Sounder at Heart store launches in partnership with Gameday Depot

After much consideration Sounder at Heart is joining the SB Nation/Gameday Depot digital print t-shirt partnership. There are three core shirts plus ones that will rotate based on demand. There is also a limited time offer of a meme inspired "Hydra" shirt.

Hail Hydra
Hail Hydra
Sounder at Heart Store

Right at the top menu bar you can find a link for a "store." For the first year+ of SB Nation's partnership with GamedayDepot there was nothing Sounder at Heart related there. In light of continuing demand for shirts, an interest to ship SaH inspired gear around the USA and in order to align with the network while improving the store's ability to handle SaH volumes that store is seeded with shirts now.

It launches with three core shirts - a logo T, a digital print version of the "You Will Hear Us" shirt and a simplified version of the "You'll Never Yacht Alone" shirt. By Fall there will also be a core hoodie.

At this time there is also a meme based shirt. Part of what's great about using on-demand digital prints is that we can quickly capture the energy of Sounder at Heart and give you the option to wear it in real life. The first of these is a Rave Green Hydra logo.

Scarves are still available for purchase at live events.

As always, thank you for your support. This community means more than you will ever know.

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