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Revolution burn Sounders for five goals

Seattle's comebacks come to an end with a trip to Gillette. New England's five goals crush a long run of glory.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

When Seattle Sounders FC headed to face the  New England Revolution the goal was to continue a potent attack, a powerful run of form and destroy the ball & powder of the Colonies. That did not happen. As good as Seattle looked in their six match unbeaten run they looked that poor on Mother's Day.

There will be a lot o analysis. That won't matter today. On a day when we celebrate the people who contributed to making us great, this happened.

This really sucked.

You watched it. You don't need a recap. You know exactly how much that five-nil loss hurt.

And lord did it hurt.

Sometimes you an't find the cold side of the pillow. There are times you can't role a seven. In a parity league any team can lose to any team. That's a lesson you don't want to learn.

Unfortunately, today we learned that lesson. This isn't a portent. No fortune is wrapped in this cookie.

Misery can be shared. It's what keeps us strong. It connects us in ways that joy can not. It's a very Seattle thing.

If you wanted more, I'm sorry. It's a Mother's Day that sucks. Sports didn't overwhelm that.

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