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Real Time, Ramped, Raw: Levy Films captures Kenny Cooper's game-winner

Scott Levy has caught a lot of great moments in Sounders history. Today, he gives us some insight into his thinking and the process that goes into catching a moment like Kenny Cooper's game-winner over FC Dallas.

There is the art and there are the technical aspects of trying to do something different and worthwhile - especially in sports and when there's so much TV coverage. But, it's a challenge to commit to a prime lens, in this case 100mm (140mm equiv) Macro, f2.8 wide open, and a direct angle, and get the shot. To follow smoothly, then make the radical pan, stay steady and level, to stop the pan, come back in the opposite direction, find the player, riding focus the whole time, but don't overreact, to tell a story, and count backwards in your mind because the burst is only 8 seconds long and the camera is configured such that you push the button when you want the shot to end, and the previous 8 seconds begin writing to the disk.

The merits of the slo-mo and how much to use is subjective, but with every frame of slo-mo, details are revealed that would be otherwise imperceptible to the eye - be it a player reaction or the way flesh moves on the back of someone's neck or a fan in the crowd or pellets from the turf.

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